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Emotional Labour Symposium - CGWS Seminar Series 2008/09

Date: 3 April 2009 Time: 9.00-5.00 pm



Friday 30 April 2009

A one-day symposium organised by the Centre for Gender and Women's Studies, Lancaster University.


Gail Lewis (Open University) Title

Renata Salecl (University of Lubjana) Title and Abstract

Divya Tolia-Kelly (Durham University) Title and Abstract

The provenance of the concept of emotional labour in the sociology of work (Hochschild 1983), its development in organisation studies and the proliferation of its use elsewhere, offer grounds for revisiting the potential and limits of the concept. The symposium aims to explore the ways in which the concept of 'emotional labour' refers not only to the various forms of 'management of feeling' individuals negotiate on a daily basis - at work, at home, in public spaces - but also to the social and ethical implications of these practices. What 'work' do emotions do in shaping social identities? How are the subjectivities of professionals, practitioners, workers, volunteers, and users/patients in the 'care services' sector (public, non-governmental and private), characterised by 'emotional labour'? To what extent is emotional work the condition motivating NGO's in their projects? How do states appropriate idioms of affect for purposes of commanding loyalty and allegiance, and what are the implications of this? To what extent does the culture of capitalism foster a culture of emotions? The aim of this symposium is to consider these and other question in the wider context of the developments and implications of the 'affective turn' in social and cultural studies. With speakers coming from different theoretical and methodologicalgroundings and discussing different issues and questions, the symposium will offersome insights into the new analytical avenues that are potentially opened up or closed down by the mobilisation or deployment of 'emotions' in theoretical debates. Is the analytical traction of 'emotions', 'affect', 'feelings', geographically, temporally, and politically enabling or limiting?

All welcome!

Please note that ON-LINE REGISTRATION (only) is now available here.

(£25.00 waged and £10 unwaged).

Venue: Lancaster University Campus - Management School, Lecture Theatre 4



Who can attend: Anyone


Further information

Organising departments and research centres: Centre for Gender and Women's Studies, Sociology


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