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Mick Dillon - Biopolitics of Security in the 21st Century and the Political Analytics of Finitude

Date: 3 February 2009 Time: Bowland North Seminar Room 2 16.15-18.00

Mick Dillon, Professor of Politics and International Relations, Lancaster University, will be discussing his latest writings on contemporary security practices. How do practices and technologies of security change when they take life, rather than sovereign territoriality, as their referent object? What happens to these practices and technologies of security when conceptions of what it is to be a living thing change?

Mick Dillon co-edits the Journal For Cultural Research with Scott Wilson from ICR (Lancaster), the current issue of which contains a tribute to the late Paul Fletcher from Religious Studies as well as a co-authored essay- 'Real Time' - which Mick wrote with Paul.

Other recent publications include:

Michael Dillon and Paul Fletcher, "Real Time," Journal For Cultural Research, Volume 12, Issue 4, October/November 2008.

Michael Dillon and Andrew Neal, eds., Foucault on Politics, Security and War, Palgrave (November 2008)

Michael Dillon and Julian Reid, The Liberal Way of War: Killing to Make Life Live, Routledge (23 Feb, 2009)

Michael Dillon and Luis Lobo-Guerrero, "The Biopolitical Imaginary of Species Being," Theory Culture and Society Vol.26, no. 1, January 2009


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