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The Kosovo Precedent One Year On

Date: 28 March 2009 Time: TBA

Kosovo's declaration of independence on 28 February 2008 has had a profound and polarising impact on international relations. Only a quarter of the world's states have recognised the new state and the UN General Assemblyon 8th October voted for the declaration's legality to be investigated by the International Court of Justice.It has also caused a major rift with Russia, which cited the precedent as one reason for its recent military action in South Ossetia. This military action, in turn, has been referred to the ICJ. Kosovo, therefore, represents a mix of current political and legal problems, as well as perennial issues, such as the criteria for statehood, minority-state relations and the role of international organisations.

Venue: Conference Centre MR 4

The Conference will cover Three Specific Topics:

1. Kosovo's transition from international protectorate to independence.

2. The Kosovo precedent and minority-state relations.

3. The impact of the Kosovo precedent elsewhere (especially in the Caucasus).


Marc Weller (Fellow, Cambridge)

John Packer (Professor, Essex)

Stephen Tierney (Professor, Edinburgh)

Helen Quane (Senior Lecturer, Swansea)

Kalyan Kaikobad(Lecturer, Brunel)

Elizabeth Chadwick (Reader, Nottingham Trent)

Jure Vidmar (Nottingham)

Snezana Trifunovska (Associate Professor, Nijmegen)

Vakhtang Vakhtangidze (Essex)


Who can attend: Anyone


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Organising departments and research centres: Law


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