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Heidegger's 'Movement of Nihilism' workshop

Date: 25 February 2009 Time: 12.30-4.30pm

Two research questions are posed with a third adjunct to them, as ways of opening discussion: (1) does the identification made by Martin Heidegger and others of the 'age of technology' as an age of nihilism justify their bringing under a single heading ('movement of nihilism') all the globally dominant political forms of the twentieth (and by implication, twenty-first) century, and if it does, what are the consequences for contemporary political and economic thought?; (2) what is the connection Heidegger made between all these forms as metaphysical expressions of theism (including a-theism) and the 'event of the death of God' as understood by Heidegger to have been exemplified in the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche? Is there a political hope being expressed in Heidegger's notion of the 'Last God'?; A third question will have to be touched upon and examined, which will fruitfully offer possibilities especially in a collected volume of essays - (3) is there a renewed possibility of enquiring into the connection between Heidegger's philosophical thinking (both before 1933 and after the Second World War) and his political engagement of the 1930s that goes beyond the hermeneutics suggested variously by Theodore Adorno, Jürgen Habermas, Karl Löwith, Jacques Derrida, Phillipe Lacoue-Labarthe, James Phillips, and other less serious commentators?

The next meeting will be heldon Wednesday 25th February between 12:30 and 4:30pm, beginning with a light lunch from 12.30.

There will be two sessions - the first will be led by Dr. Ullrich Haase of Manchester Metropolitan University, as a close reading of §15 of Heidegger's Besinnung (volume 66 of the Heidegger Gesamtausgabe). The second session will be led by Dr. Susan Parsons, and will concentrate on §§70-71 of the Besinnung. We will have copies of the German texts available at the meeting.

Please do encourage research students who wish to attend to do so, they will be very welcome.

The meeting will take place in Room CO89 Bowland North.


Who can attend: Anyone


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