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Understanding the Current Crisis - IAS Lecture Series Closing Seminar

Date: 3 July 2009 Time: 9.30am-4.30pm pm

Venue: Infolab room 60 b/c

The current crisis has undermined everything that was taken for granted a few months ago: The self-confidence of the economic and political elites has received a staggering blow; protagonists of the neoliberal belief and a "new" capitalism like New Labour in Britain have already been routed at the polls, or are facing certain defeat at the next elections. Even Pope Benedict XVI has come up with a new encyclical, condemning the vile practices of globalised and financialised capitalism while the global financial crisis has not only shattered the economic foundations of such venerable institutions like Oxbridge and Harvard, but of the Vatican itself. A new right is rising throughout Europe. Meanwhile, the public debate rages on - all over the planet. Whether we are already headlong into a worldwide depression which will last for many years, or whether it will all be over by Christmas is heavily debated at the moment. The battle of ideas, of interpretations, of statistical artefacts is on. We are in the middle of a world historical event - and we are trying to come to grips with it. What is the use-value of the concepts and theories we cherish in the different disciplines of the social sciences when confronted with such an event?



Places are limited so please email Anne-Marie Mumford with your name and department, any dietary requirements and whether you will be attending dinner as soon as possible. Closing date for registration: Tuesday 30 June 2009

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Who can attend: Anyone


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