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The Experimental Condition

Date: 15 -16 October 2009 Time: 12.30 15 Oct - 17.00 16 Oct

Venue: IAS Building MR2/3

The Experimental Condition: Experimentality Programme Launch

15-16 October 2009

Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster University

What is distinctive about 'the experimental' as a way of knowing and acting?

To what extent is experimentation a perennial aspect of human culture and being-in-the-world?

How and why did the experiment come to play such a key role in the new world-picture ushered in by the scientific revolution?

How might a comparison of experimental practice in the arts and the sciences illuminate the possibility of alternative modernities - ones which involve different relationships between truth, power and freedom?

To what extent is a kind of continuous experimentality becoming the primary operation of power in the modern world - and how does this affect the possibility of social critique?

Can we envisage forms of collective experimentation that might distribute the power to shape the future more justly?

Such questions are amongst those that will be explored at the workshop being held to open the Experimentality research programme - a year-long, interdisciplinary exploration of the power of experimentation to shape the future. Over two days, speakers from a range of disciplines will debate the changing role of experimentation in human society, using examples drawn from domains including experimental science, modern art, warfare, capitalism and development.

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Associated staff: Bronislaw Szerszynski

Organising departments and research centres: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Institute for Advanced Studies, Sociology


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