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Experimentality in Nature

Date: 25 March 2010 Time: 12.30, 25 March - 17.00, 26 March

Venue: IAS Building MR2/3

Experimentality - Workshop 5 - Experimentality in Nature

This workshop will bring together theoretical biologists, archaeologists and anthropologists to explore how ideas of experimentality can be used to understand the emergence of radical novelty in the natural world and in human culture. Participants will explore contemporary theories of evolution which go beyond a conventional neo-Darwinian emphasis on mutation and natural selection, such as evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo), symbiogenesis, and animal traditions, debate attempts to bridge understandings of biological and of cultural evolution, and explore the aporias surrounding human origins.

Speakers include:

  • Peter Allen (Cranfield University)
  • Tim Darvill (Bournemouth University)
  • Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen)
  • Eva Jablonka (Tel-Aviv University)
  • Frances Liardet (Cardiff University)
  • Lambros Malafouris (University of Cambridge)
  • Claire Marshall (York University)
  • Robin Skeates (Durham University)
  • Jeffrey Schwartz (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Steven Shennan (University College London)
  • Christina Toren (St Andrews University)

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    Who can attend: Anyone


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