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ISA 2010 Ad Hoc Session 4: Sustainable futures and spatial mobility regimes

Date: 15 July 2010 Time: 3.30pm-5.30pm

Venue: International Sociological Association 2010 Gothenburg, Sweden

Peak oil and climate change have brought to the fore the centrality of mobility to social and economic life and the urgent pressures to develop alternative mobilities. Hosting half the world's population, cities are increasingly important actors in achieving low carbon futures and privileged sites where the moral dilemmas of modern techno-utopias are being rehearsed. In the context of transport, sustainable futures are haunted between idyllic visions of clean, just and democratised mobilities such as those projected by Dongtan ecocity in China and present and distopias of splintering urbanisms, ever growing slums, large scale infrastructural collapse and climate related disasters.

This session explores futures of mobility regimes paying special attention to (i) what kind of mobilities futures are being created by current techno-social developments; (ii) the performative role of expectations and hope in shaping urban mobility regimes (iii) the connected understandings of social inequality and mobility justice, and (iv) what social and cultural forms are implied in visions of future mobilities.

Keywords: Mobility regimes, transportation, futures, expectations.

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Who can attend: Anyone


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Organising departments and research centres: Sociology

Keywords: Cities, Climate change, Mobilities


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