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Clare Short - 'Do women think differently about foreign policy?'

Date: 23 November 2010 Time: 16.15 - 18.00

Venue: County South IAS Meeting Rooms 2/3

Clare Short
Clare Short

1st UNESCO Chair in Gender Research Annual Lecture/Faculty of Arts and Social Science Signature Lecture/Department of Sociology Seminar

The lecture: UNESCO's central aspiration at its launch in 1946 was to "create a culture of peace". It has done good work since then, but never managed this. The UK could play a massively more useful role in the world, which would also serve our real interests, in working with others for a more just world order and a more sustainable use of natural resources. However, given the fixation of the political elite on massive weaponry and being America's best friend, as in the Iraq war, it is unlikely that we will make progress without new thinking. Given that women consistently have considerable doubts about war as a solution to foreign policy questions, I will ask whether, the now well established field of gender analysis might take the lead in rethinking our foreign policy.

The lecture will be followed by a reception in the IAS building.

The speaker: Clare Short is former Secretary of State for International Development in the Labour government from 1997. She has been a long-standing Member of Parliament for Ladywood, Birmingham. She was previously Shadow Minister for Women and made a major impact on Labour thinking on gender issues, including violence against women.

The chair: Sylvia Walby, UNESCO Chair in Gender Research at Lancaster University, will introduce the lecture, UNESCO and the UNESCO Chair in Gender Research Group.


Who can attend: Anyone


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Associated staff: Sylvia Walby

Organising departments and research centres: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sociology, UNESCO Chair in Gender Research Group


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