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STS CSEC Mixtures Seminar: Amaranta Herrero Cabrejas

Date: 10 November 2010 Time: 12.30 pm - 2.00 pm

Venue: Bowland North Seminar Room 3

Amaranta Herrero Cabrejas

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Technoscience and Socio-environmental conflicts: the case of open-cast coal mining in Spain

Technoscience plays an important role in many socio-environmental conflicts. It is usually used by many social agents on both sides of a conflict to legitimate their particular claims. Sometimes the role of technoscience is related to the unexpected consequences that scientific technologies might have produced. And it is usually present in the process of defining the dangers and risks involved in a socio-environmental conflict. Technoscience is also more and more often involved in technofix manufacturing, providing 'technical patches' to the deep ecological global crisis we are currently facing.

Neutrality and independence from values or interests is often claimed by the political and scientific institutions through technoscience. Its authority is appealed to in order to justify decisions. But technoscience, far from being neutral, reflects the plans, purposes and values of the societies in which it is developed. Through a case study of illegal coal-extractive industries in an environmentally protected area in Spain, this presentation aims to explore technoscientific relations with socio-environmental conflicts. On the one hand, the present role of technoscience will be analysed through the production of environmental impact assessments in the local area and, on the other hand, the presentation also aims to investigate how technoscience is shaping the future-making and the imaginaries of the coal economy through the promotion of carbon capture and storage technofixes.


Who can attend: Anyone


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