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Aganetha and Isaac go to school:  A principal's reflections on the in- and out-of -school literacies of Mennonite children

Date: 30 November 2010 Time: 1.00 pm -

Venue: Meeting room 7 (C89) County South

My research explores the relationship between school literacy and the literacies of minoritized learners through the narratives of principals. I take as my case the conservative colony Mennonite children and their administrators in specific public elementary schools. These learners navigate between school literacy, as prescribed by Ministry of Education expectations and measured by large scale provincial assessments, and out-of-school literacies circumscribed by religious and cultural beliefs in a first language (Plautdietsch) that is rarely written or read. I will present my stories of being an elementary principal in rural southwestern Ontario in a school with a significant population of Mennonite students to illustrate how I began to question my beliefs about literacy and what it means to be 'literate' in an Ontario school.

Wendy A. Crocker

University of Western Ontario, Canada

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Organising departments and research centres: Educational Research, Lancaster Literacy Research Centre, Linguistics and English Language

Keywords: Education, Educational linguistics, Informal learning, Literacy, Literacy in multilingual communities, Literacy learning, Second language acquisition


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