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Nigel Thomas : Children's Participation in Challenging Times

Date: 9 February 2011 Time: 4.30pm-6pm

Venue: Bowland College North: Seminar Rm 20

What are we trying to achieve when we work for children and young people's participation, and what is the role of the public sector in this? This seminar will consider what has been learned in recent years about children's participation in decision-making, both at an individual and a collective level. It will reflect on the purposes of this activity, and on the paradox of children needing adult support and encouragement in order to exercise their rights. The prospects of severe cuts in public expenditure, particularly in the UK, present new challenges for this area of public policy, but may also offer some opportunities to do things differently.

Nigel Thomas is Professor of Childhood and Youth Research at the University of Central Lancashire and co-director of The Centre, which aims to research and promote children and young people's participation. His research interests are generally in the field of child welfare and children's rights, with a particular focus on participation (including participation in research). His publications include Children, Family and the State (2002), Social Work with Young People in Care (2005), Children, Politics and Communication (2009) and A Handbook of Children and Young People's Participation (with Barry Percy-Smith, 2010). Since 2005 he has been a co-editor of the journal Children & Society.

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