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The Relational Business Charter

Date: 11 March 2011 Time: 11am

Venue: Management School LT 8

The Relational Business Charter

It is now widely recognised that quality of relationships with stakeholders is a major determinant of corporate success and profitability. Business is increasingly conscious that it is relationships with stakeholders, rather than technology, which are the key to long-term competitive advantage and control of risk. Evaluation of stakeholder relationships is being regarded increasingly as an essential part of corporate governance codes across the globe.

Dr Schluter will introduce some of the key concepts from his book, The Relational Manager, and his proposal for a Relational Business Charter and a Relational Ratings Agency He will explore how these ideas can be embedded most effectively into the structure and working practices of companies.

He will cover:

new categories to analyse what is happening in relationships. As financial affairs require sophisticated tools of analysis, so do relationships

understanding how relationships operate in an organisational context

how to measure or assess quality of relationships among stakeholders in a corporate context

About the Speaker

Dr Michael Schluter

Michael Schluter trained as an economist before working as a research fellow with the International Food Policy Research Institute, and an economics consultant with the World Bank in East Africa. He founded the Jubilee Centre in 1983 as a Christian think-tank. This led on to the launching of six more charities whose work includes international peace-building (Concordis International), alternative finance (Citylife) and social policy (Credit Action). In 1994, Michael launched the Relationships Foundation, a UK think-tank; he is currently Chief Executive of Relationships Global. He is co-author of The R Factor (1993), Jubilee Manifesto (2005) and The Relational Manager (September 2009) and has contributed to a number of other books looking at social and economic issues from a relational perspective.


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