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kinematograph and Social Activism Teaching and Research Cluster Film Screening

Date: July 2011-August 2011 Time: 7.30 pm

Venue: Gregson Centre

::kinematograph presents::

'genoa cittá aperta' (Tortuga Films, 2002, 49 mins)

The first event in a series of film screenings and discussions

about the continuity of social movements and the possibilities

of another world … in collaboration with the Social Activism

Teaching and Research Cluster @ Lancaster University:

Ten years ago, July 2001, more than 300.000

people gathered for what was to become a quite

dramatic and traumatic experience for many,

contesting the agenda of the G8.

This documentary, made by Lancaster students,

who will introduce it, is just one of the many

stories that could have been told. It illuminates the

joyous events, actions and imaginative theatres that

painted the streets of Genova with a positive

colour and gave good reason to be optimistic about

the future. Then came the raid of the Diaz school

and a few months later, September 11. Things had

changed and the age of camping returned …

us for thoughts, reflections and discussions:


Gregson Community and Arts Centre,

33 Moorgate, Moor Lane, LA1 3PY

July 21, 2011

Upstairs in the Cine

minima @ 7.30pm (free/donations)

More people and less violence in this documentary, which featured as one of the headlines in

'Another World is Possible Film Festival' in connection with the Asian Social Forum in

Hyderabad, 2003. 'genova cittá aperta' includes interviews with Genovese residents, artists,

activists, an anarchist catholic priest , the 'Living Theatre', and other interesting characters,

such as Nigerian environmentalist lawyer, Oronto Douglas.

Event website:


Who can attend: Anyone


Further information

Associated staff: Imogen Tyler

Associated projects: Social Activism Teaching and Research Cluster

Organising departments and research centres: Sociology


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