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Disability - Spaces and Places of Exclusion Symposium

Date: 16 April 2012 Time: 12.00 pm -13.00pm

Venue: Bailrigg Conference Centre

The aim of the day is to bring together disability studies scholars to consider and reflect upon issues of disability, space and place. The format of the day would be to have opportunities for (short) presentations and discussions . Some of the key themes we are considering are:

1: geographies of disability and changing relations of space and place;

2. disability policy, spaces of work and workfare restructuring;

3. disability activism; and

4. other intersecting considerations.

Professor Rob Imrie, Kings College, London, will be giving an opening keynote address.

Provisional programme:

Venue: Bailrigg Conference Centre

12 Lunch:

1pm: Introductions

1:15pm: Keynote Address: Rob Imrie

Geographies of Disability and their relevance to disability studies

2-3.45 Disability and changing relationships with space and place

Hannah Morgan & Alan Roulstone

Part of the problem or part of the solution?: A discussion of the reality of 'Inclusive Access for Disabled Customers'

Donna Reeve

The spaces of poverty and hybid (re)negotiations of disability: some insights from rural Guatemala

Shaun Grech

3.45-4pm Tea

4.00 - 5.15: Muddied private and public spaces; Intersectional exclusion of disabled victims, Survivors and offenders?

Susie Balderston

'Spacing' access to justice: geographical perspectives on disabled people's interactions with the criminal justice system as victims of crime

Clare Edwards

5.15-5.30 Summary/reviewing

7.00pm Dinner

Tuesday 17th April

9.00-10.45: Bridging the gap between employment and social care for people with learning disabilities: Local Area Co-ordination and in-between spaces of social inclusion

Edward Hall

Neoliberal restructuring, disabled people and social (in)security in Australia and Britain

Grover & Soldatic

"You'd have to look a certain way to fit in and be Group Managing Director of this company" Examining the importance of 'aesthetics' in the careers of disabled leaders

Chris Spooner

10.45-11.00: Morning Tea

11.00-12.30: Exclusion from the private sphere: Disability and sexuality

Andrea Hollomotz

Eroding the 'Places' of Support: Emerging geographies of support for people with intellectual disabilities

Andrew Power


Who can attend: Anyone


Further information

Associated staff: Chris Grover, Hannah Morgan, Donna Reeve, Carol Thomas

Organising departments and research centres: Applied Social Science, Centre for Disability Research CeDR

Keywords: Disability, Disability and employment, Disability and welfare, Disability studies, Place of care, Sense of place, Space


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