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Demand Seminar, Sarah Royston, Dragon-breath and snow-melt: Know-how and keeping homes warm.

Date: 22 January 2014 Time: 16.00-17.30 pm

Venue: FASS Meeting Room 7

Dragon-breath and snow-melt: Sensory experience, know-how and keeping homes warm. Seminar with Sarah Royston, Association for the Conservation of Energy.

There is a common perception among policy-makers that householders need better knowledge about energy in order to consume it more efficiently. However, there is a difference between knowing facts about a subject (sometimes called "know-what") and having practical knowledge that enables you to act (know-how). Know-how has been analysed in terms of competences, skills, practical understandings, and embodied habits or dispositions (e.g. Shove and Pantzar, 2005; Gram-Hanssen, 2010) and is a key element of any practice. Recently, Wilhite and Wallenborn (2013) have called attention to the know-how involved in energy consumption, and the related subject of embodied knowledge. However, beyond this there has been relatively little investigation of the processes through which energy know-how develops in daily life. This seminar explores the links between know-how and sensory experiences, focussing on practices of keeping homes warm. How are bodily experiences involved in building the know-how that people use in monitoring temperature and interacting with heating systems, appliances and the fabric of their homes? What changes to the body and its environment stimulate the development of new forms of know-how? And what might these ideas mean for policy and practice on sustainable energy use in homes?


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