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LAEL talk: The educational importance of language as a tool for collective thinking, Neil Mercer

Date: 2 December 2013 Time: 6.00 pm

Venue: Fylde Lecture Theatre 1

We have our final LAEL talk of the term this Monday at 6pm in Fylde Lecture Theatre 1 by a guest speaker Neil Mercer who is talking about 'The educational importance of language as a tool for collective thinking'.

The abstract is:-

'One of the most important things that people do is work together to solve problems and get things done. The capability to do so is a distinctive feature ofhuman cognition, linked to our evolutionary origins - and probably to the evolution of language itself. Language is the prime tool for thinking collectively: we do not just use language to interact, we use it to 'interthink'. Because the development of the capability for thinking collectively is as important today as it ever was, young people need to be educated in ways of using language for collective thinking. Yet in our schools not enough attention is given to helping children develop their interthinking capabilities. I will describe how recent research in several disciplines has converged in supporting the argument for why this should change, and illustrate how such changes can be implemented in classroom practice.'

This talk should be of particular interest to anyone studying Psycholinguistics (PSYC316) next term or who are interested in the linguistics/psychology overlap


Who can attend: Anyone


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