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Researching Trafficking : a Lancaster research day

Date: 3 July 2014 Time: 10.00am - 3.30pm Time to be confirmed

Venue: Bowland North SR7

Trafficking in human beings is an important and controversial research field.

Several research proposals in this area are currently under development by colleagues across a wide range of Lancaster departments and centres.

Following the successful research day on 'gender and violence' on 3 June, I am planning a research day on 'researching trafficking: thinking laterally'.

The 'lateral' component is important, so that we are innovative. You do not need to know about 'trafficking' to offer a presentation; just something that is relevant.

I would welcome offers of short presentations, including for example:

  • 'the tension between human rights and immigration policy in regulating cross border movements, from asylum seeking to trafficking'
  • 'what is the overlap between prostitution and trafficking?'
  • 'the future for support services: a focus on gender equality or profits'
  • 'detecting recruitment for trafficking on the internet'
  • 'what might the analysis of "big data" derived from social media offer?'
  • 'does globalisation defeat policing?'
  • 'organised crime: is it organised; are the beneficiaries always criminals?'
  • 'is demand reduction more important than direct regulation?'
  • 'what does "agency" mean for the "victims" of violence against women'
  • 'how can illegal activities, such as trafficking, be measured'

The presentations would be 10-15 minutes followed by 5-10 minutes of discussion; so 20 minutes overall.

Please send abstracts of 100 words to myself:

If you would like to participate but not speak, please let Pennie Drinkall know:

Sylvia Walby

Distinguished Professor of Sociology

UNESCO Chair in Gender Research

Co-Associate Director, Security Lancaster


Who can attend: Internal


Further information

Associated staff: Sylvia Walby

Organising departments and research centres: Educational Research, English and Creative Writing, Law, Linguistics and English Language, Religious Studies, Security Lancaster, Sociology

Keywords: Gender and criminal justice, Gender and education, Gender, sexuality and the law, Global governance, Human rights, Human trafficking, Media, Media ethics, Social justice, Social media, Social technologies


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