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Research Centres

The Faculty plays host to a number of research centres:

Centre for Bioethics and Medical Law

Bio-Med-LawThe centre, which came into being on 1 April 2005, promotes high quality, interdisciplinary research in bioethics and medical law; it initiates partnerships with appropriate external bodies; plays a role in the formation of public policy in bioethics and medical law, and recruits postgraduates and facilitates individual and collaborative research with the university across a range of disciplines, with a unifying focus upon the legal and medical dimensions of biomedicine. More»


University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language - UCREL

UCRELOriginally established in 1984, and re-constituted in 1995, the primary objective of the Centre is to organise and conduct computational research involving the analysis or processing of English or other natural language data. More»


Confucius Institute

Confucius InstituteLancaster University Confucius Institute officially opened on 20 December 2011.

Its aims include to offer credit-bearing Mandarin language and culture classes to students; offer language and culture courses to local schools, communities and businesses and support enterprise in the North West region through the themes of China, innovation and sustainable development. Both Lancaster University and our partner University in China, South China University of Technology, have significant expertise in these areas. More»


Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS)

CASSCASS is a Centre designed to bring a new method in the study of language – the corpus approach – to a range of social sciences. In doing it provides an insight into the use and manipulation of language in society in a host of areas of pressing concern, including climate change, hate crime and education. By providing fresh perspectives in such problems, the Centre is helping to develop new approaches to challenging practices such as hate speech both in terms of raising awareness and of informing policy makers and other stakeholders of how such language may be used to wound and offend. More

Centre for Disability Research - CeDR

CeDRThe Centre for Disability Research (CeDR) is a specialist research grouping that promotes and conducts high quality interdisciplinary research and research-led teaching about disability.

CeDR was formally established in January 2008 under the direction of Professor Carol Thomas and co-directors Professor Chris Hatton and Bob Sapey. The Centre is the hub of a network of teaching and research staff across a range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, science and technology, management, and health and medicine. CeDR also has close links with a range of local, national and international organisations and groups. More»


ESRC Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics - Cesagen

CESAGenCESAGen was established in 2002 as a collaboration between the Universities of Lancaster and Cardiff. It is a multidisciplinary research centre in which the social sciences and humanities work closely with natural and medical sciences to address the social, economic and policy aspects of developments in genomics. CESAGen’s main objective is to work with genomic science and at the same time clarify the human (social and economic) factors which shape these natural knowledges. Engaging and communicating with the public is an important part of the Centre’s work, as there is considerable national and international attention to these issues. The researchers undertake a programme of public engagement as well as feeding their research into policy circles. The Centre is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as part of the Genomics Network. More»


Centre for the Study of Environmental Change

CSECCSEC was established as a research centre in 1991. The aims of CSEC within the Institute are to strengthen, through research and teaching, the quality of knowledge available to society for addressing the problems of global and local environmental change. More»


Centre for Gender and Women's Studies

CGWSThe Centre for Gender and Women's Studies (GWS) was established on 1 August 2007 and is based in the Department of Sociology. GWS is strongly interdisciplinary with a network of affiliated staff from departments both within and beyond the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. More»



DEMANDDynamics of Energy, Mobility and DEMAND - The DEMAND centre is funded by the ESRC/EPSRC with support from ECLEER (EDF R&D), Transport for London and the International Energy Agency. The centre started work in May 2013 and will continue until 2018. More»


Higher Education Research & Evaluation Centre - HERE

HEREhere@lancaster is the Higher Education Research and Evaluation Centre in the Department of Educational Research. The Centre supports a wide range of research and evaluation work that is concerned with higher education in all its manifestations: teaching; research; administration; income generation. Members of the Centre are core providers of the Department's Doctoral Programme which focuses on higher education research.

The work of the Centre builds on research and evaluative work conducted by its predecessor, CSET. The Centre brings together many areas of expertise of current staff and research students in the Department, drawing on the experience of research into and evaluation of higher education institutions, systems and innovations that we have carried out over many years in the UK and abroad. More»



ImaginationLancasterImagination Lancaster is an open and exploratory research lab that investigates emerging issues, technologies and practices to advance knowledge and develop solutions that contribute to the common good. We conduct applied and theoretical research into products, places and systems – using innovative strategies that combine traditional science and social science methods with the practice-based methods arising from the arts. Emphasis is placed on productive collaborations to create desirable and sustainable futures. Areas of research span education, health, culture, the leisure sector, media, transport, manufacturing and environment. More»



InsightInsight is a creative research centre at Lancaster University. With disciplinary bases in Fine Art, Theatre, Film, Dance, and Sound, its practical and theoretical research draws upon expertise in these areas, extending across and beyond them to engage with arts audiences of all kinds. Insight works with a range of organisations, taking critical and cross-disciplinary approaches to creative research questions. More»


Centre for Law and Society

Centre for Law and SocietyThe Centre for Law and Society was established in May 2006, and was the first of its kind in England and Wales. The Centre is committed to facilitate and enhance inter-disciplinary work on law at Lancaster and to support the development of local and international communities and networks working on issues relating to law and society of international excellence and significant policy interventions under the Directorship of Professor David Sugarman (Law) and a Management Board. The Centre for Law and Society is hosted by Lancaster University Law School. More»


Lancaster Literacy Research Centre

Literacy Research CentreThe centre, which was set up in May 2002 for a period of three years in the first instance, aims to increase understanding of the role of literacy across the life-span in all areas of social life, carries out interdisciplinary and participative social science research in literacy and basic education, and promotes research in adult literacy, including improved communication and collaboration between researchers and practitioners. More»

Centre for Mobilities Research - CeMoRe

Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe) The Centre was established in May 2003. The concept of mobilities encompasses the large-scale movements of people, objects, capital and information across the world, as well as the more local processes of daily transportation, movement through public space, and the travel of material things in everyday life. It was established to bridge the relevant disciplines at Lancaster and to co-ordinate cross-faculty research networks, to develop new external funding and research student opportunities, to consolidate a national and international reputation for Lancaster theory and research in this area, and to contribute to deciphering the increasingly problematic nature of a mobile world, by producing new theories, research and policy instruments. More»


Richardson Institute for Peace Studies

Richardson Institute for Peace StudiesThe Richardson Institute is a research centre within the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion. It carries out research into peace and conflict, especially conflict prevention, conflict resolution and post-conflict peace-building. Its aims are: to promote an understanding of the conditions of peaceful change; to be a centre of excellence in peace and conflict research; to offer opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate study and research; to encourage the practical application of its work. More»


Centre for Science Studies

Centre for Science Studies The Centre for Science Studies acts as a focus for and collaborates closely with science studies specialists in other departments and centres at Lancaster University. Research interests in the Centre include: management and the organisation of technology; design and everyday technologies; the natural environment; health and medicine; gender, ethnicity, and global science and technology; feminist STS; large technical systems. More»


Centre for Social Justice and Wellbeing in Education

Social Justice and Wellbeing in EducationResearch in the Centre for Social Justice and Wellbeing in Education explores questions about equity, diversity, inclusion, rights and wellbeing. Our work is multi-disciplinary, drawing particularly on sociology, linguistics and psychology. It spans a range of formal and informal education contexts including schools, higher education, home and the workplace.

We have particular expertise in: gender; literacy; development education, disability; migration; motivation; technologies; identities. More»


Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning

Technology Enhanced LearningThe Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning is the research and evaluation centre for technology enhanced learning (TEL) within the Department of Educational Research. The Centre supports the wide range of research work within our Department that is concerned with teaching and learning with digital technologies and with widening digital participation across a range of populations.

The work of the Centre builds on the previous methodological and philosophical approaches to research undertaken through the world-renowned centre, CSALT, with its focus on networked and collaborative learning. The Centre brings together the many areas of expertise of current staff and students in the department, and the extensive studies we have carried out into a variety of aspects of technology enhanced learning in the UK and abroad. More»


Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research (CTWR)

Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research (CTWR)Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research (CTWR) links Lancaster University's postgraduate student community to extensive research activity in creative writing and its impact on society. It will raise the profile of a range of pre-existing transcultural and intercultural research activity - Moving Manchester, Crossing Borders, Radiophonics, Trans-Scriptions - creating a transnational and interdisciplinary environment that aims to promote the generation and comparative study of creative writing across cultures and of its interactions with different social and cultural contexts. More»


Wordsworth Centre

Wordsworth CentreThe centre was established is January 1988, in order to provide a centre for the study, research and advanced teaching of British and European Romantic literature and writings, primarily of the period 1780-1832, and to dissseminate the outcomes, in liaison with the Wordsworth Trust. More»

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