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John Urry will lead 2010 BSA Presidential event

Date: 8 February 2010

BSA Presidential Event

How to put 'Society' into Climate Change

British Library Conference Centre, London

John Urry will be taking a lead on this event along with John Brewer (BSA President). John Urry is currently editing a special issue of Theory, Culture and Society on global heating (2010) and preparing Climate Change and Society (Polity 2011). He is a former RAE Panel Chair and Editor of the International Library of Sociology.

Other speakers include:

  • BSA President, Professor John Brewer.
  • Jude England, Head of Social Sciences.
  • Professor John Urry, Lancaster University: 'The importance of putting Society into Climate Change'.
  • Rt Hon. Malcolm Wicks MP: 'Climate Change: What is the Question?'
  • Professor Elizabeth Shove, Lancaster University: 'Transitions in practice - climate change and everyday life'.
  • Professor Tim Jackson, University of Surrey: 'The social and structural dimensions of sustainable living'.
  • Professor Alan Warde, University of Manchester: 'How sociological understandings of routine consumption might inform effective strategies for enhancing sustainability'.
  • Professor Brian Wynne, Lancaster University: 'Climate Change Science'
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