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How impersonal can personal pronouns get

In this study we will focus on the morpho-syntax, the semantics and the discourse functions of pronominal and verbal non-referential 3rd person plural ... Read more»

Project staff: Anna Siewierska
Keywords: Cognitive linguistics, Language typology, Linguistics, Linguistic typology, Semantics, Spoken language corpora, Syntax, Syntax/discourse interface


How impersonal can personal pronouns get: a cross-linguistic study of impersonal constructions.

The project (PI: Anna Siewierska; RA: Maria Papastathi) aimed to provide sound empirical support to a proposed five-way typology of third person plura ... Read more»

Project staff: Maria Papastathi (Linguistics and English Language), Anna Siewierska
Keywords: Corpus linguistic methodology, European languages, Impersonality, Linguistics, Linguistic typology, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax/discourse interface