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KEYWORD 'Morphology'

Here are the search results for Language Variation and Linguistic Theory (LVLT).

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Search results: Morphology (4)

A corpus-based study of split words in Chinese

Split words are a type of constructions in Chinese that consist of two parts which are separable by some interposing elements, though they behave like ... Read more»

Keywords: Chinese, Corpus linguistics, Morphology


How impersonal can personal pronouns get: a cross-linguistic study of impersonal constructions.

The project (PI: Anna Siewierska; RA: Maria Papastathi) aimed to provide sound empirical support to a proposed five-way typology of third person plura ... Read more»

Keywords: Corpus linguistic methodology, European languages, Impersonality, Linguistics, Linguistic typology, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax/discourse interface


Linguistic innovators: the English of adolescents in London

This project is a study of the spoken English of London, the first to be undertaken for some time and the first taking full and explicit account of th ... Read more»

Keywords: Adolescent, Grammar, Language variation and change, Morphology, Sociolinguistics, Sociophonetics, Syntax


Split words

The project is a corpus-based study of split words in Chinese, which has the following aims and objectives: to examine the types of interposing eleme ... Read more»

Keywords: Corpora and sociolinguistics/discourse, Discourse, Linguistic typology, Literacy, Morphological theory, Morphology, Pragmatic theory