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International workshop on referential hierarchies in three-participant constructions, 20 May 2011

LVLT talk: 'The role of the retroflex in identity construction; a purposeful feature?' Maya Zara, 5 May 2011

LVLT talk: ''A town between dialects: accent levelling, psycho-social orientation and identity in Merseyside, 31 March 2011

LVLT talk: 'Sociolinguistics, salience and statistics: outlining some new directions in language attitude research' Kevin Watson & Lynn Clark, 10 March 2011

Barbara Johnstone (Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh) to give workshop entitled 'A Heuristic Approach to Discourse Analysis', 1 March 2011

Barbara Johnstone gives talk on 'Dialect Enregisterment in Performance', 1 March 2011

Invited talk: Accent and identity on the Scottish-English Border, 17 February 2011



LVLT talk: Dr Yoshiyuki Asahi 'Japanese and British contributions to sociolinguistic typology', 16 December 2010

LVLT workshop on using RBrul (Lynn Clark), 16 December 2010

LVLT talk: Jen Nycz (York) 'Testing phonological theory with second dialect data', 9 December 2010

LVLT talk: Heike Pichler (Salford) & Stephen Levey (Ottawa) 'Tracking grammaticalization in synchronic dialect data: General extenders in north-east England', 2 December 2010

LVLT & CRG joint meeting: Andrew Hardie 'Extending a corpus analysis tool to support the analysis of field data: Bodo and Dimasa data in the CQPweb system', 1 November 2010

LVLT meeting: Kevin Watson & Lynn Clark '/t/s and /r/s and t-to-r in Northern British English', 28 October 2010

Workshop by guest speaker Dr Devyani Sharma (Queen Mary, London) 'Sociolinguistic fieldwork in an urban contact context', 26 October 2010

Guest lecture by Dr Devyani Sharma (Queen Mary, London) 'Dialect and social change in London Asian English', 26 October 2010

LVLT planning meeting, 14 October 2010

LVLT talk: "An investigation of rhythm in London English" Eivind Torgersen & Anita Szakay, 28 June 2010

LVLT meeting - Kevin Watson 'Lax articulation in Liverpool English?', 11 March 2010

LVLT meeting - Lauren Hall-Lew, University of Oxford 'Style and Indexicality...', 4 March 2010

Language Variation talk 'Testing models of dialect innovation' Paul Kerswill & Eivind Torgersen, 18 February 2010

LVLT meeting - discussion of Port (2010) 'Rich memory and distributed phonology', 11 February 2010

LVLT meeting - Lynn Clark 'Exploring sociolinguistic variation and change from a usage-based perspective', 4 February 2010

LVLT meeting - Eva van Lier 'Referential hierarchies in morpho-syntax, with special attention on three-argument constructions', 28 January 2010



The 6th UK Language Variation and Change Conference, 11 -13 September 2007