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Dr Maria Papastathi

Maria Papastathi

p/t Research & Teaching Associate

Degree: BA English Language and Literature (Aristotle University, Thessaloniki); MA Linguistics (University of Essex); Phd Linguistics (Aristotle University, Thessaloniki)

Associated research centres and groups: Cognitive Linguistics

Current Teaching

Ling 152 Linguistic Analysis -Syntax

Previous teaching: Ling130 English Language, Ling151 General Linguistics, EAP/Study Skills

Research Interests

My PhD topic of research was the morphosyntax and semantics of middle constructions in English and Greek from the perspective of theories of lexical semantics and the Minimalist Program. The empirical component of the analysis of Greek middles drew on primary data from an originally compiled small corpus of attested examples (collected from printed news media and live broadcasts). Overall, this work attempted to provide a theoretically motivated account of important connections between voice, transitivity phenomena and the semantic category of modality.

Recently I have developed a keen interest in linguistic typology and corpus-based research and have been involved in a project on the impersonalisation strategies across European languages (click on the' research activities' link below for details). I am also interested in theories of argument structure, issues in the comparative morphosyntax of Greek, Germanic, Romance and Slavonic, as well as in L1 and L2 acquisition and development.

Associated Keywords: Linguistics, Linguistic typology


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