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Research Activities

Current Research Activities

Multicultural London English: the emergence, acquisition and diffusion of a new variety


Previous Research Activities

Africa: Cultural Translations Conference

Analysis of spoken London English using corpus tools

Linguistic innovators: the English of adolescents in London

Phonological levelling, diffusion & divergence in Liverpool and its hinterland



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Previous Events

The 6th UK Language Variation and Change Conference, 11 -13 September 2007

Phonetics, Phonology, Variation presentation, 3 December 2009

LVLT talk: "An investigation of rhythm in London English" Eivind Torgersen & Anita Szakay, 28 June 2010

Lancaster University African Studies Group Research Seminar. Youth language in Africa and Europe: linguistic subversion or emerging vernaculars?, 19 October 2010

Guest lecture by Dr Devyani Sharma (Queen Mary, London) 'Dialect and social change in London Asian English', 26 October 2010

Workshop by guest speaker Dr Devyani Sharma (Queen Mary, London) 'Sociolinguistic fieldwork in an urban contact context', 26 October 2010

Barbara Johnstone (Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh) to give workshop entitled 'A Heuristic Approach to Discourse Analysis', 1 March 2011

Barbara Johnstone gives talk on 'Dialect Enregisterment in Performance', 1 March 2011




Multicultural London English, 18 March 2009

New book published - English Language: Description, Variation and Context, 24 July 2009

Paul Kerswill teaches on the LSA Linguistic Institute, Berkeley, 27 July - 13 August 2009

ESRC research grant success, 4 September 2009

Paul Kerswill gives the annual Sommerfelt public lecture at the University of Tromsų, 28 September 2009

Paul Kerswill interviewed by Michael Rosen for Radio 4, 30 November 2009

Paul Kerswill interviewed by Benjamin Zephaniah for Radio 4, 6 December 2009

Paul Kerswill invited to comment on BBC's School Report News Day, 11 March 2010

Paul Kerswill member of ESF reviewers pool, 19 May 2010

Paul Kerswill give paper at Zurich "English as a Contact Language" conference, 6-9 June 2010, 4 June 2010

Paul Kerswill involved with Kings Place Arts Centre's 'Celebrate Cockney' initiative, 1 July 2010

Paul Kerswill interviewed on radio and television about the project 'Multicultural London English', 2 July 2010

Paul Kerswill writes Sun column on Multicultural London English, 3 July 2010

Paul Kerswill interviewed on ABC radio, Western Australia, 15 July 2010

Paul Kerswill gives lecture at the University of Ghana, 4 August 2010

Paul Kerswill teaches course at the University of Cape Town, 16 August - 3 September 2010

Paul Kerswill speaks to the Sale Medical & Dental Society, 15 October 2010

Paul Kerswill speaks at the Lancashire Society's Dialect Day, and judges performances, 16 October 2010

Paul Kerswill gives talk to the African Studies Group on African and European youth languages, 19 October 2010

Paul Kerswill gives an invited lecture at the Philological Society, 5 November 2010

Paul Kerswill is CI on new ESRC Follow-On Fund project, 6 November 2010

Paul Kerswill speaks at British Library's 'Evolving English' exhibition, 22 March 2011

Paul Kerswill interviewed in the Economist about the future of dialects, 2 June 2011

Paul Kerswill inteviewed in the Sunday Times about Multicultural London English & dialect levelling, 5 June 2011

Paul Kerswill's ESRC projects reported in Daily Mail, 6 June 2011

Paul Kerswill teaches on African Linguistics School, Rep. of Benin, 23 July 2011 - 30 July 2011

Paul Kerswill gives paper on London Jamaican at SPCL, Accra, Ghana (with Mark Sebba), 3 August 2011 - 6 August 2011

Paul Kerswill gives lecture at the TEDx event 'Society Beyond Borders', 8 September 2011

Paul Kerswill writes for The Sun on TOWIE, 21 October 2011

Paul Kerswill interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland's Culture Cafe, 8 November 2011




Dialect, English language, English phonetics, Language change, Language variation and change, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Sociophonetics



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African Studies Group

Language Variation and Linguistic Theory (LVLT)