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Walter Manoschek, 'If that's so then I'm a Murderer': Film and Discussion

21 February 2013

On 29 March 1945, in Burgenland, three SS men shot 60 Hungarian Jewish forced labourers.

One of the alleged killers was SS Sergeant Adolf Storms. Storms was never held to account for this act.

63 years later Walter Manoschek succeeded in interviewing Storms.

In conversations with him, together with leaders of the Hitler Youth and Jewish survi-vors of the massacre, Manoscheck reconstructed this almost forgotten crime, addressing questions about the displacement of responsibility.



Silences and Perspectives: Film, Memories and Representations of War

11 December 2012



Victims as Idealized Citizens; Transition, Mobilisation and the Contested Past in Northern Ireland

16 February 2012

Research seminar with Kieran McEvoy, Queen's University Belfast


Hear Podcast


Guernica 75: Memories of the International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War

28 April 2012

An event to commemorate the International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War, on the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Guernica at the People's History Museum in Manchester


Contesting/Contested Memories: The Holocaust in the Twenty-First Century

9-11 February 2012

Two day conference on the Holocaust in February 2012.



The Rise of Right-Wing Extremism: The Politics of Memory in Europe and Beyond

11 March 2010

Interdisciplinary Workshop



War, Poverty, and Memory: Using Oral and Written Testimony

8 June 2010



Memory and Justice

15 May 2009



Dynamics of Memories Launch Event

November 2008

Debates about the place of the social in the constitution of memory, and the role of contested and convergent memories in the formation of individual, group and national identities.


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