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A partnership of academics, activists, policy makers and practitioners committed to challenging hate crime and supporting victims



Paul Iganski

Paul Iganski, Senior Lecturer in Social Justice and Head of Department of Applied Social Science, Lancaster University, UK. For over a decade he has specialised in research, writing and teaching on 'hate crime'.

Nafysa Patel

Nafysa Patel manages the Race Hate Awareness & Prevention (RHAP) project hosted at the Preston & Western Lancashire Racial Equality Council.  Over the past decade she has conducted research on the hate crime agenda and has initiated numerous local and national partnership projects supporting victims of hate crimes.

Laura Geraghty

Laura Geraghty is the Assistant Race Hate Officer at the Racial Equality Council. She has worked in the voluntary sector as both a volunteer and a member of staff supporting people in crisis for over ten years.




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