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The Latin American Research Cluster (LARC) was founded in the summer of 2009 over a series of informal meetings between members of staff across the university interested in Latin American issues. These included members of departments as diverse as European Languages, Politics, Sociology, Management, Law, the research centre Cesagen, Religious Studies, Geography and Biology. It was soon discovered that, within Lancaster University, there were enough such staff members to create a group that could organise events. Within a period of a few months it has become a thriving group which meets regularly and, in December 2009, was awarded funds by the Institute of Advanced Studies to organise two seminar days in 2010. Please follow the News & Events link in the main menu.

In future, LARC plans to create and maintain a reading group, organise future events and encourage postgraduate activity under its auspices. It also wishes to introduce its work to the research community at Lancaster, and start to establish links with specialists in the field outside of Lancaster. The above-mentioned events, part of a series on "Modernization, Globalisation and Alterglobalization in Latin America", are a step in this direction. After June 2010, the series will be continued throughout 2010-2011 with cost-free events organized by LARC members and externally funded events held at Lancaster. LARC members are keen to establish the cluster as an interdisciplinary research group which engages critically with models and discourses of modernization, globalization and alterglobalization related to Latin America. With time, LARC hopes to be able to take on a leading role in research on Latin America in the North-West of England.

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