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Previous Programmes

Please click on the titles below to access abstracts. Asterisks indicate talks that co-organized with another research group (see below for more information).


Date and Venue Speaker Topic
15 July 2014
Bowland North SR25
Rachel Hernandez Thorson (Georgetown)
28 May 2014
Management School LT7
(Wednesday talk, starts at 2pm)
Detmar Meurers (University of Tuebingen)
27 May 2014
Frankland Lecture Theatre
(Tuesday talk, starts at 3pm)
Detmar Meurers (University of Tuebingen)
Learner language and natural language processing (This talk is co-organized with CASS and UCREL.)
19 May 2014
Bowland North SR10
(Monday talk)
John Read (University of Auckland)


15 May 2014
Cavendish Lecture Theatre
(Thursday talk)
John Williams (Cambridge University)
29 April 2014
Bowland North SR 23
(Tuesday talk, starts at 10am)
Catherine van Beuningen (University of Amsterdam)
28 April 2014
Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre
(Monday talk)
Nivja de Jong (Utrecht University)


19 March 2014
Bowland North SR6
Henrik Gyllstad (Lund University)
19 February 2014
Bowland North SR21
Paul Underwood (LAEL, Lancaster)
Japanese teachers' beliefs and intentions regarding the teaching of English under national curriculum reforms (*)
5 February 2014
Bowland North SR21
(Starts at 4pm)
Vaclav Brezina (CASS, Lancaster)
30 January 2014
Engineering LT3
(Thursday talk)
Karmen Pizorn (University of Ljubljana)
15 January 2014
Bowland North SR 10
(Starts at 4pm)
Tamara Rakic (Psychology, Lancaster)
5 December 2013
County South C89
27 November 2013
Bowland North SR13
Marije Michel (LAEL, Lancaster)
20 November 2013
Bowland North SR13
Alan Waters (LAEL, Lancaster)
6 November 2013
Bowland North SR 13
Dana Gablasova (LAEL, Lancaster)
23 October 2013
Bowland North SR 13
Judit Kormos (LAEL, Lancaster)
16 October 2013
Bowland North SR 13
John Rogers (Institute of Education, University of London)


* Joint event with Language Testing Research Group
** Joint event with Cognitive Linguistics Research Group
*** Joint event with Language Variation Research Group

2012 - 2013

Date Speaker Topic
10 Oct 2012Judit KormosA mixed method study of motivation and inter-cultural contact in a study abroad context
31 Oct 2012Charis StefanouThe effect of written corrective feedback and learner individual differences on second language generic article use
21 Nov 2012Janina IwaniecThe structural equation model of language learning motivation
28 Nov 2012Andrea Révész, Marije Michel, & Roger GilabertIndependent measurement of task complexity
5 Dec 2012Jenefer PhilpThe social side of peer interaction – helps and hindrances to L2 learning
12 Dec 2012Diana MazgutovaThe effects of task complexity on the development of academic writing skills of international postgraduate students: Pilot study results
25 Feb 2013
Jean Marguerite Jimenez, Lancaster University & Universitŕ della Calabria
Investigating the effects of immediate electronic corrective feedback on foreign language development
18 Feb 2013
Morana Lukac, visting researcher from Leiden University
How word choice matters: an analysis of adjective + noun collocations in a corpus of learner essays
4 March 2013
Talia Isaacs, Bristol University
Modelling comprehensibility in second language speaking scales
(Joint meeting with LTRG)
Thursday 7 March
Sabine Schmölzer-Eibinger, Graz University, Austria
Language as a learning tool in subject learning
11 March 2013
  • Janina Iwaniec
  • Charis Stefanou
  • Janina: Modelling the structure of language learning motivation
  • Charis: The role of written corrective feedback and learner individual differences in second language article use for generic and specific plural reference
8 May 2013
Rosa Jiménez Catalán, University of La Rioja - SpainIndividual and Instructional factors in the acquisition and development of lexical competence in English as a foreign language
3 June 2013
Diana Pili-Moss, Manchester University
Effects of different feedback strategies on the improvement of morphological accuracy in spoken L2 Italian
6 June 2013
Riikka Ullakonoja, University of Jyväskylä
in cooperation with LTRG
Intervention study on EFL extensive reading and vocabulary learning strategies in Finland and future directions
16 July 2013
Nicole Ziegler, Georgetown University, USA
Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication and Interaction: Methods, practices, and outcomes

2011 - 2012

Date Speaker Topic
12 Oct 2011
Sharon McCulloch
Japanese undergraduates’ use of logical connectors in their written work
26 Oct 2011
Shi Yunzhang
A Study of Chinese English Learners’ Willingness to Communicate Inside the Classroom.
9 Nov 2011
Andrea Révész
Task-based experimental research in the laboratory: methodological innovations and challenges
23 Nov 2011
Masoud Shaghaghi
Exploring speech acts produced by Iranian EFL learners: an investigation of instructional materials and EFL learners' output
30 Nov 2011
Alan Waters
Best Practice in ELT INSET: Quantitative findings
18 Jan 2012
Marije Michel (University of Mannheim)
Interactional alignment in task-based L2 performance: Evidence from Dutch
1 Feb 2012
Diane Potts
Multilingual students, academic texts, and the semiotic demands of
recontextualizing knowledge
15 Feb 2012
Geraldine LudBrook
Investigating the English language needs of CLIL teachers in Italian secondary school science classrooms (Mock viva)
27 Feb 2012
Alison Mackey (Georgetown University)
Second language interaction research: cognitive, social, and methodological considerations (or issues/constraints?)
29 Feb 2012
Patrick Rebuschat (Bangor University)
Implicit and explicit knowledge in second language acquisition
7 March 2012
Lou Harvey (Manchester University)
‘I have all my stories’: A narrative approach to language learning motivation
14 March 2012
Monira Al-Mohizea
An investigation into the comprehension of idioms by EFL learners'

2 May 2012

Costas Gabrielatos and Judit Kormos

Corpus-based analysis of the use of the present continuous construction in oral language proficiency exams

23 May 2012

Kenneth Fordyce (University of Edinburgh)

The differential effects of explicit and implicit instruction on the learning of epistemic stance forms by Japanese EFL learners

30 May 2012

Nomi Olsthoorn


6 June 2012

Sonja Altmuller

Formulaic language in the second language acquisition of Turkish-speaking children in a German kindergarten:Methods of data collection and analysis

13 June 2012

Alan Waters

Theory and practice in ELT methodology: Retrospect and prospect

20 June2012

Yvonne Prefontaine

Psycholinguistic processes involved in French as a second language speech production and perception

27 June 2012

Parvaneh Tavakoli (London Metropolitan University)

TESOL Research and Practice: Teachers’ and Teacher Educators’ Perspectives

21 March 2012
Ramin Sheikhol-Eslami
The interaction between, students' learning approaches, their L2 reading strategies,
and task demands


2010 - 2011

Date Speaker Topic
27 Oct 2010 Sharon McCulloch The Academic Reading-to-write Behaviours of L2 Postgraduate Students
10 Nov 2010 Costas Gabrielatos Corpus-based evaluation of pedagogical materials: If-conditionals in ELT coursebooks and the BNC
17 Nov 2010 Anne Nebel A complex systems approach to understanding L2 writing task complexity
24 Nov 2010 Ramin Sheikholeslami The construct of 'learning approaches' in Iranian secondary pupils of English
1 Dec 2010 Judit Kormos The relationship of motivation and self-regulation/learner autonomy: Results of a questionnaire survey
8 Dec 2010 Alan Waters A 'Best Practices in ELT INSET' Study - Interview and Focus Group Findings
02 Feb 2011 Scott Miles Grammar instruction for long-term retention
16 Feb 2011 Robert Taferner Feedback on EFL writing
23 Feb 2011 Simon Kinzley The impact of a university pre-sessional course on the academic writing behaviours of a group of Chinese undergraduate students studying for a degree in media and cultural studies
02 March 2011 Ramin Sheikhol-Eslami Conceptualizing learning approaches for EFL students: The case of Iranian learners at secondary schools
09 March 2011 Martin Bygate TBA
16 March 2011 George Yuncan Dai Working Memory as a Component of Foreign Language Aptitude
22 March 2011 Tineke Brunfaut & Andrea Révész Tasks, proficiency, working memory, and L2 listening comprehension


2009 - 2010

Date Speaker Topic
18th Jan 2010 Kenneth Fordyce Instructional effects on the acquisition of epistemic stance by Japanese EFL learners: Grouped data vs. individual data
25th Jan 2010 Neil Millar The processing demands of learner collocations on native speakers: Evidence from an eye-tracking experiment
8th Feb 2010 Craig Lambert Personal investment in L2 task design and performance
22nd Feb 2010 Ramanujam Meganathan TB
1st March 2010 Chihiro Inoue Investigating task parallelness: Results
8th March 2010 Judit Kormos Discussion of an article
16th March 2010 Andrea Révész and Tineke Brunfaut What makes listening difficult? Joint session with LTRG


2008 - 2009

Date Speaker Topic
16 Oct 2008 Judit Kormos A draft research project design
23 Oct 2008 Chihiro Inoue Elicitation tasks
30 Oct 2008 Virginia Samuda & Martin Bygate Field, purpose and involvement as dimensions in task performance
6 Nov 2008 Andrea Révész Task complexity, focus on L2 constructions, and individual differences: A classroom-based study
13 Nov 2008 Judit Kormos Discussion of Larsen-Freeman, D. (2005). The emergence of complexity, fluency, and accuracy in the oral and written production of five Chinese learners of English” in Applied Linguistics, 27, 590–619.
20 Nov 2008 Andrea Révész Data analysis workshop: Analysing task-based interactions
11 Dec 2008 Hyeon Oak Exploring EFL reading instruction in high school classrooms in Korea: The pedagogic life of the grammar translation method
15 Jan 2009 Neil Millar The processing demands of learner collocations on native speakers: Evidence from self-paced reading
22 Jan 2009 Scott Miles The impact of different degrees of massing/ spacing of practice activities on L2 learning
29 Jan 2009 Judit Kormos Language learning experiences of dyslexic learners
05 Feb 2009 Xing Chao Hu; Martin Bygate The effects of levels of grounding criterion on L2 interaction and learning
12 Feb 2009 Abdulaziz Youssef Alturki Comparing knowledge of English nominal and verbal inflectional morphology in L2 speakers
26 Feb 2009 Andrea Révész Recasts, working memory, and L2 development
05 March 2009 Al Al-Ghamdi Language learning strategies in using information technology in language learning
12 March 2009 Sarah Mercer TBA
19 March 2009 Marjorie Desveaux Classroom data
30 April 2009 Rosa María Jiménez Catalán The development of lexical competence in the acquisition of English as a foreign language
7 May 2009 Karen Baird Workshop on constructs of vocabulary knowledge and associated measures.
12 May 2009 Jim Lantolf: Departmental lecture
21 May 2009 Abdulaziz Alturki L2 morphological variability
28 May 2009 Andrea Révész Task complexity, uptake of recasts, and second language development
4 June 2009 Anne Margaret Smith Including dyslexic language learners
11 June 2009 Martin Bygate Exploring teacher-class interaction: how can we avoid ‘recasting in the dark’
18 June 2009 CRILE talk: Paul Meara
25 June 2009 Alan Waters Trends and issues in ELT 
teacher training



Date Speaker Topic
22 Oct 2007 Dr Alan Waters, LAEL & Dr Marlu Vilches, Ateneo de Manila, Philippines Problems in Implementing ELT Reforms: the Case of the Philippines Basic Education Curriculum
31 Oct 2007 Dr Alan Waters, LAEL Discussion of Kumaravadivelu, B. "TESOL Methods: Changing Tracks, Challenging Trends" in TESOL Quarterly, Volume 40, Number 1, March 2006 , pp. 59-81(23)
21 Nov 2007 Tom Hutchinson, Freelance Author Back to the future
28 Nov 2007 Dr Judit Kormos, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary Cognitive factors in intensive foreign language learning
5 Dec 2007 Dr Gila Schauer, LAEL Study abroad sojourns - do they help improve L2 learners'  productive pragmatic competence  and cultural awareness?
17 Jan 2008 Prof. Martin Bygate, LAEL Understanding task demands: the whole as a sum of its parts
31 Jan 2008 Dr Alan Waters, LAEL Discussion of Hyland, K. & P. Tse (2007) "Is There an "Academic Vocabulary"?", TESOL Quarterly Vol. 41, No. 2: 235 - 253
7 Feb 2008 Ali Al-Bulushi, LAEL Task-Based Computer-Mediated Communication and Negotiated Interaction in an EFL Context
14 Feb 2008 Dr Alan Waters, LAEL Politics and Pedagogy in ELT
6 March 2008 Prof. Martin Bygate, LAEL Discussion of Nivja H. de Jong, Margarita P. Steinel, Arjen Florijn, Rob Schoonen, & Jan H. Hulstijn, "The effect of task complexity on fluency and functional adequacy of speaking performance", Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication, University of Amsterdam
13 March 2008 Prof. Charles Alderson, LAEL The use and abuse of The Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching and assessment (CEFR)
20 March 2008 Virginia Samuda, LAEL Pedagogic task design: another look at capturing differences among tasks
6 May 2008 Dr. Eddie Williams, School of Linguistics & English Language, Bangor University Crypto-colonialism in African education? [combined LAEL Departmental Lecture]
15 May 2008 Simon Kinzley, LAEL Chinese undergraduates studying academic writing on a university pre-sessional course:  finding out if they do what we tell them to and if it really helps them.
22 May 2008 Dr Martin Wedell, School of Education, University of Leeds 'Teachers should adjust their views' : the basis for successful curriculum change?
29 May 2008 Nahed Ghazzoul, LAEL The impact of culturally-bound rhetorical choices on coherence in the English writing of Arab-speaking students.
4 June 2008 Dr Emma Marsden, Centre for Language Learning Research, University of York What teachers and learners do with second language input: looking at Input Processing in the classroom and the laboratory
12 June 2008 Mike Beaumont, LAEL Is there a third way? Finding solutions to the dichotomisation of language teaching
17 June 2008 Dr Simon Borg, School of Education, University of Leeds Integrating grammar in TESOL classrooms
24 June 2008 Dr Andrea Revesz, LAEL Task complexity, focus on form, and second language learning outcomes