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PhD Supervision - Areas of Interest

  • Sarah Barber

    Sarah Barber

    Dr Barber is keen to hear from students interested inworking on topics that would fall under the following headings: The British Isles, especially England and Ireland, in the seventeenth century. Seventeenth-Century English Radicalism and Republicanism. Ethnic Minorities in Early-Modern Europe. The Caribbean in the seventeenth Century.
  • Mercedes Camino

    Mercedes Camino

    Professor Mercedes Camino would be happy to hear from students wishing to work on memorialisation of WWII resistance in Europe, the Spanish Civil War, Film and History, Early Modern Exploration and History of Cartography.
  • Ian Gregory

    Ian Gregory

    I would be interested in supervising any PhD student who wants to do a PhD that uses Digital Humanities, Historical GIS or Spatial Humanities in any way. One area of particular interest is that at Lancaster we are very lucky to have access to the underlying data that make up some very large digital collections. This means that PhD students will be able to conduct research that uses these sources in, for example, corpus linguistics, GIS or statistical software, without the limitations imposed by public web interfaces. These include large textual corpora such as: Early English Books Online (; the Histpop collection of population reports for Britain and Ireland, 1801-1937 (; the British Library's Nineteenth Century Newspapers Collection (; and a major corpus of Lake District writing ( If required, we can geo-reference these such that they can be analysed using geographical information systems (GIS). We also have access to several major quantitative databases including: the Integrated Census Micro-data (ICeM) data of individual-level census data from 1851-1911 (; aggregate data from the Great Britain Historical GIS covering much of the 19th and 20th centuries (; and similar resources for Ireland. Again, this material can be incorporated into GIS. Additional permissions may be required to use some sources, however we would be very interested in hearing from anyone who is developing a PhD that uses any of these, with or without GIS. Training in software and methods including corpus linguistics, GIS and databases can be provided. What we are really interested in project ideas that either conduct applied research or develop methodologies that exploit the vast amounts of historical information in these sources.  Do feel free to contact me informally if you would like to discuss anything.
  • Patrick Hagopian

    Patrick Hagopian

    Patrick Hagopian would like to hear from potential doctoral students interested in projects involving Critical Studies of Museums and Memorials; Cultural and Social Memory; Twentieth-Century Cultural Politics; Military Justice and Human Rights Law; Cold War and Post-Cold War Military Discourses; and Representations of the History of Race and Slavery.
  • Timothy Hickman

    Timothy Hickman

    United States Cultural and Intellectual History, particularly of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Modernity and modernism. Literary and Visual Culture. Drug and alcohol use, policy and culture. Cultural History of American medicine.
  • Andrew Jotischky

    Andrew Jotischky

    Professor Jotischky welcomes potential supervision in any topic concerning the Crusades and the Crusader States, especially but not exclusively with reference to religious, cultural and intellectual life. Topics in western medieval religious history, especially monasticism and mendicancy, are also weclomed.
  • Aristotle Kallis

    Aristotle Kallis

    Aristotle Kallis would be very interested in supervising students with interests in the following broad fields: fascism and totalitarianism modern propaganda violence, genocide, terrorism urban studies German and Italian history/politics Greek interwar history modern and contemporary 'political religions'
  • Paolo Palladino

    Paolo Palladino

    I am interested in supervising students wishing to study either the history of the medical and human sciences or the history of the environmental sciences, agriculture and the transformation of landscape. I am interested especially in those students wishing to combine such historical studies and critical examination of the analytical frameworks developed by Michel Foucault, Giorgio Agamben and Gilles Deleuze.
  • Corinna Peniston-Bird

    Corinna Peniston-Bird

    Dr Peniston-Bird would like to hear from students interested in writing dissertations and theses on topics that would fall under the following headings: The combat taboo and gendered experience of war and commemoration. Britain in the First and Second World Wars. Austria in the inter-war period. Cultural Representations of and Personal Testimonies in the above fields.Students writing essays and dissertations might be interested in the following guide to websites useful for Modern British History.
  • Stephen Pumfrey

    Stephen Pumfrey

    Science, Medicine and Philosophy in Renaissance and Early Modern Europe. In particular,Stephen Pumfrey would be pleased to hear from students interested in researching and writing dissertations and theses on topics that fall under the following headings: Renaissance and early modern natural philosophy. Renaissance and early modern astronomy/cosmology. Science and patronage. The growth of experimental science. The intellectual history of magic and witchcraft. The intellectual history of early modernity.
  • Thomas Rohkramer

    Thomas Rohkramer

    Dr Rohkrämer is interested in students who want to work on German history in the 19th and 20th century, in particular political culture since 1871, critical discourses on modernity in comparative perspective, and Conservatism and the political Right in comparative perspective.
  • Deborah Sutton

    Deborah Sutton

    Dr Sutton would welcome proposals from students for research in modern Indian history, South Asian agrarian and environmental history and the Indian diaspora.
  • Naomi Tadmor

    Naomi Tadmor

    I have broad research interests and will be delighted to discuss possible doctoral work with students interested in British social and cultural history c. 1500-1900, with particular reference to: religious culture and the English Bible, history and literature and print culture, community relations, Jewish History.
  • James Taylor

    James Taylor

    Dr Taylor is keen to hear from students researching the following areas of British history - the history of financial fraud and crime; the history of joint-stock companies and corporate governance; the history of advertising, shopping, and consumerism; other topics linking economic, social and cultural history since 1800. Do contact him if you would like to discuss your research plans.
  • John Welshman

    John Welshman

    Dr Welshman supervises several doctoral students, and he would welcome enquiries from students interested in any of his areas of research interest: - the history of the debate over transmitted deprivation in the period 1972-82, and its links with current policy on child poverty and social exclusion - the history of the concepts of unemployability and worklessness -the history of tuberculosis, medical examination, and migration, in both the UK and Australia -the history of care in the community since 1948, especially for people with learning disabilities
  • Angus Winchester

    Angus Winchester

    Angus Winchesterwelcomes enquiries from students interested in writing dissertations and theses on topics that would fall under the following headings: Landscape and Agrarian History, Common Land, History of Cumbria
  • Yoke-Sum Wong

    Yoke-Sum Wong

    Theory, Material Culture, Cultural Studies, Historical Sociology, Design, Art and Architecture, Mobilities

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