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HIST300: Dissertation

30 Credit Module

Compulsory for History and Medieval & Renaissance Studies majors.

Not available to combined majors or minors.

This module gives you the opportunity to work in depth gaining the satisfaction of working independently and of making a topic your own. The aim is to research and write a dissertation (of between 8,000 and 10,000 words) exploring a challenging historical problem.  Research for dissertations will involve developing an in-depth familiarity with the secondary literature and selected primary sources relating to your topic. You are expected to demonstrate knowledge of the wider historical context of the subject you explore, by engaging with secondary studies and exploring the uses and the limitations of the primary sources you have selected. You will receive introductory guidance, and be asked to indicate the field of study in which you wish to write your dissertation, late in the Lent Term of your second year.  Supervisors will be allocated by the Department early in the Summer Term and you will be required to discuss your proposal with them in order to define the topic more precisely before the end of term. As far as possible, dissertation supervisors will be allocated according to students' proposed areas of study, but this cannot be guaranteed. Your supervisor will meet with you regularly to discuss and advise on choice of topic, your research design, and your initial reading, and will later read and comment on a draft of part of the text.

For further information on HIST300 visit the Lancaster University Online Courses Handbook

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Essential Information

Dr Ian Gregory
Taught: Michaelmas/Lent
Credits: 30
Length: 23 weeks
Assessment: Dissertation

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