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Undergraduate History Part I Course

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HIST100: History and Historians - from Medieval to Modern

The Part 1 History course (HIST100) is designed to extend and deepen your knowledge of the past and to introduce you to some major historical topics and themes from late antiquity to the present day.
You will become familiar with a wide range of primary sources used by historians in the writing of history. You will gain insights into how historians conduct research and interpret the past, and you will therefore better understand the reasons for changing historical interpretations.
In the process, by undertaking directed reading, by independent research, by attending lectures, by participating in seminar discussions, by working sometimes in a team, and by writing and receiving constructive feedback on what you have written, you will develop your study techniques and other transferable skills.
The long chronological range and types of history covered by the course will extend your intellectual and historical interests and enable you subsequently to make informed choices from among the many historical options available to you in Part II, either as a History Major student or as a Minor.


Course Structure

HIST100 is divided into three components (modules), each of which aims to develop different kinds of historical knowledge and different skills.

HIST100 course structure

The CORE module (Week 1-15) provides you with an overview of major historical themes throughout the centuries, enabling you to study the distinctive features of different historical periods; and
appreciate continuity and change over time by inviting comparisons across a range of key areas (e.g. society, daily life, conflict, religion, power/authority).

The ‘DISPUTED HISTORIES’ modules (Week 16-20) introduces you to a broad historical topic that has divided historians and caused controversies. This segment has a distinct historiographical element, familiarising you with different interpretations and historical debates over time. It also complements the programme of study offered by the 'core' segment, by maintaining focus on key themes already developed in preceding weeks but also introducing new perspectives and historical methodologies.

Finally, the ‘DATES’ module offers you choice from a menu of options and provides you with the opportunity to work in an intensive workshop format to deal with a more narrow historical topic in depth, using predominantly primary sources. In this way, you will acquire a taste of the more advanced historical learning that is practised in Part 2 (Years 2 and 3). The module is taught through two lectures and two 2-hour long intensive workshops based on the analysis of primary sources.

The options for this academic year are:

1215: Christendom: Friends, Neighbours and Enemies

1543: Copernicus

1893: The myth of the american west

1933: Nazism VERSUS the Bauhaus School

1947: The partition of India


There is no text book as such, but before beginning the course you would find it useful to have dipped into some of these books and publications.

Schedule of lectures (two weekly) and seminars/workshops (one weekly)

Download the HIST100 Study Guide for 2013-14 (in pdf format).

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