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Cahill, A., J (2007). The Human Right to Water and its application in the occupied Palestinian Territories. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 381.


Riley, S. P. (2005). A Phenomenology of International Criminal Justice. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 329.

Salim, M. R. (2005). Shareholders' Rights and Remedies in Malaysia. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 324.


Davies, L. (2004). Global Networks: Biotechnology Patentability. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 260.

Yi, Yung -Jung (2004). Standard and Science in Trade Regulation in the Global Age: A Critique of the WTO SPS Agreement in relation to Public Health and Safety. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 253.


Baker, H. (2003). Resisting Men's Violence to Women: Discourse of Shame and the effects of self-regulatory prac. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 445.

Jones, C. (2003). Figuring 'the Family': Late Twentieth-Century accounts of lived experience and legal discourse around licensed donor insemination in Britain. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 282.

Redmond, M. (2003). Citizenship, Nationality and Identity: The impact of EU interstate migration on young people. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 340.


Chen, W. (2002). The Liberalization of Telecommunications in Hong Kong and its lessons for China. Law School, Lancaster. LL.M by Research: 136.

Stavert, H., J (2002). To what extent do (1) cultural and religious relativity; and (2) economic development, justify the use of preventative detention during peacetime in a developing nation? Malaysia - a case study. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 397.

Tumelty, P. (2002). Is Response Worthy of Praise? An evaluation and analysis of the current antinomy within international law between state sovereignty and humanitarian intervention. Law School, Lancaster. LL.M by Research: 148.


Ayandele, A. E. (2001). Limited Liability and the Promotion of Entrepreneurship for Contemporary Partnerships. Law School, Lancaster University. M. Phil: 236.

McInnis, L. R. (2001). Law and the Control of Infectious Disease during Extraordinary Emergencies. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 315.

Murnaghan, H. (2001). Leading cases of the Anti-Catholic Penal Laws in England 1559-1829: A Survey. Law School, Lancaster. M.Phil: 256.

Ost, S. (2001). An Analysis of the Euthanasia Phenomenon: Questions of Law, Morality and Medical Ethics within Contemporary Society. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 415.


Thanadsillapakul, L. (2000). A new Direction for ASEAN Regionalisation in the Changing Global Legal and Economic Environment. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 497.


Marshall, J. (1999). A Post-Structuralist Analysis of the Practices and Process of Lawyering in a Small Town. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 433.

Pearson, G. (1999). The Law's Response to Football Hooliganism. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 391.

Tych, B. A. P. (1999). Property in Great Britain and Poland: A Comparison. Property regime in transformation - the Polish Case. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 362.


Christogeorgis, P. E. (1998). Regulatory Competition and Supervisory co-ordination in the reformation of European Banking. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 354.

Shaw, J., J, A (1998). Towards a metaphysical foundation for jurisprudence. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 285.


Powell, J. (1997). Battered Women Who Kill - An Argument for Self-Definition. Law School, Lancaster. M. Phil: 239.

Wallbank, J. (1997). Reconstructing Mothers and Fathers in Contemporary Debates on Child Support and the Lone-Parent Family. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 498.


Hurley, F. A. (1996). The Law of the age that lies between 1154 and 1272 deserves patient study......... it is a luminous age throwing light on both past and future was the critical moment in English Legal History. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 384.

Lozidou, E. (1996). The King's Mad Spot: The Legal Regulation of In-Sanity in 19th Century. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 219.

Moran, L. (1996). The Homosexual(ity) of Law. Law School, Lancaster. PhD by Publication: 248.


Morris, R. (1994). Images of the Interpreter: A study of language - switching in the legal process. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 386.


Unsworth, K. (1993). The policing and production of evidence: Contemporary Developments in Criminal Law. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 286.


Yamamoto, Y. (1992). Hobbes and Ecclesiastical Jurisprudence: Time, Consent and Ethos. Law School, Lancaster. PhD: 193.


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