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Law 302 - Sexualities and the Law

(Half Unit in 2nd term)


Dr. Bela Chatterjee

There is more to life than who we have sex with, or who we desire. There is more to life than how, when, where or why we have sex. However, we live in a society where sexuality is an aspect of our identity that has huge legal relevance. Under the lens of the law, we find that we are reduced to various aspects of our identity; our gender, our marital status, our status as parents or non-parents, our sexuality. In this course, we examine specific instances where sexuality has come under legal scrutiny, and we will aim to understand particular stances the law takes in relation to sexuality, and the reasons behind them. The contents of the course will vary subject to legal changes, but topics have included sexuality and parenthood, sexuality and the military, sexuality and hate crime, sexuality and education policy, sexuality film and law.


The assessment for this course is 100% coursework, consisting of a portfolio of 5-7 mixed media sources and an academic legal commentary/critique of them, of 4,000 words.

Recommended Reading

There is no recommended text but the following are useful:

Stychin, C. F (1995) Law's Desire: Sexuality and the Limits of Justice; London, Routledge

Robson, Ruthann (1998) Sappho goes to Law School; New York; Columbia University Press

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