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Law 303 - Society, Religion and Law

(half unit in 2nd term))


Dr Sarah Beresford/Dr Ian Bryan

The module will introduce the student to a selection of laws as they impact upon religion and the (non) religious subject. The module seeks to develop a critical approach to the law, religion and religious practices in this area. Outline Syllabus: 1. Aspects of the representations of law and religion by, and through cinematic representations. 2. Spiritual Crimes (including blasphemy; blaspemous libel and heresy, their statutory and common law development; the idea that the heretic is one who is a threat to the welfare of the nation). 3. Witchcraft. (including early and modern legal responses to wichcraft). 4. 'Hate Crime'. (including legal development of hate crime; identifying and proesecuting hate crime; indvidual and organised hate crimes; the future of hate crim and reform).

Only available to final year students. There are no pre-requisites.


100% Seen Examination

Recommended Reading

Ahdar, R. H. (ed) (2000) Law and Religion, Burlington VT: Ashgate.

Bradney, A., (1993) Religions, Rights and Law, Leicester: Leicester University Press.

Edge, P., and Harvey, G., (eds) (2000) Law and Religion in Contemporary Society: Communities, Individualism, and the State, (Winchester: Ashgate Publishing).

Edge, P., (2006) Religion and Law: An Introduction (Winchester: Ashgate Publishing).

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