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Law 313 - Intellectual Property Law

(Half Unit in 2nd term)

Intellectual property law is the umbrella term relating to the legal protection of intangibles.  Its study is strongly related to societal creativity and innovation.  This course focuses mainly upon copyright law and the law relating to patents.  It takes a contextual and historical approach which requires an assessment of how the law can create a balance between rights holders and society as a whole.  We will study how principles which were created to protect religious books can now be applied to a film or a musical sample.  A strong theme will be the challenges and opportunities presented by the growth of the Internet and its accompanying political dimension.  In the half of the course focusing on patents we will be looking at the historical emergence of patent law and at the current legal frameworks which govern patents, including consideration of what a patent actually is. We will also look in more depth at some recent developments on computer patents and employee remuneration. 

Available to final year students only.


Coursework 25%, Exam 75%

Recommended Reading

Hollyoak and Torremans: Intellectual Property Law, [5th Edition] LexisNexis, London, 2010 (recommended)

Bently and Sherman, Intellectual Property Law (Second Edition), Blackstone, London 2008.

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