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Optional Modules taught in the Law School

Please note that modules on offer may vary from year to year. Please refer to scheme description for compulsory modules.


Law students may also choose up to two modules from Criminology modules marked **

Second Year

LAW 205: Grievances and the State**

LAW 209: Legal Issues in Cybercrime**

LAW 213c: Public Law

LAW 226: Introduction to Business Law and Practice

LAW 240: Family Law**

LAW 251: International Human Rights**

LAW 257: International Law I**

LAW 261a: European Law

LAW 264: Lawyers and Society**

LAW 297: Introduction to Comparative Law**

LAW 307: Courts, Law and Politics in Comparative Perspective**

LAW 310: Civil Liberties and Human Rights**

LAW 327: Jurisprudence

Third Year

LAW 206: Company Law

LAW 212: Dissertation

LAW 249: Law of Evidence**

LAW 301: Environmental Law**

LAW 311: Responses to Massive Violations of Human Rights**

LAW 313: Intellectual Property Law**

LAW 314: Advanced Contract

LAW 319: Competition Law**

LAW 330: Crime and Criminal Justice**

LAW 343: Health Care Law and Ethics I**

LAW 350: Gender and the Law**

**Available as options to criminology students


Criminology students may also choose up to two modules from Law modules marked **

Second Year

*CRIM 201: Understanding Criminological Fieldwork**

*CRIM 204: Measuring Crime**

*CRIM 205: Criminological Thought**

CRIM 210: Crime, Poverty & Social Security**

CRIM 211: Youth Justice**

CRIM 218: Understanding Criminal Justice**

CRIM 231: Half-unit crime-related extended essay

CRIM 235: Criminal Investigation**

Third Year

CRIM 310: Hate Crime, Human Rights & the State: International Perspectives**

CRIM 313: Organised Crime**

CRIM 326: Criminological Perspectives on Violence**

CRIM 331: Half-unit crime-related extended essay

CRIM 335: Historical & Philosophical Aspects of Punishment**

CRIM 336: Full-unit crime-related dissertation

CRIM 337: Drugs Crime and Society**

CRIM 339: The Police & Policing**

CRIM 340: Criminal Careers**

CRIM 342: Crimes of Power**

CRIM 380: Police Project


*these modules are compulsory for Criminology students, and maybe available as optional modules for Law Students, if not already oversubscribed.


**Available as options to Law students

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