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At Lancaster we produce informed practitioners: artists knowledgeable about contemporary art and ideas and clear and determined in their own aims and goals. We do this through the integration of studio practice, art history/theory and professional practice. This combination equips you with the skills needed throughout your career, whether you continue as an artist, curator, academic or as a professional in the media or wider art economy.

The fine art disciplines of painting, drawing, digital art, sculpture and installation may be pursued singly or together as an interdisciplinary practice. Undergraduates, postgraduate MA's and PhD students follow courses that mix cutting-edge contemporary research with studio and lab-based artwork.

Art maintains high standards of provision and resources including purpose built studios with 24/7 access, AV seminar facilities, digital art lab and installation space, fully equipped wood/metal workshop and life-room. All staff are active researchers, either as artists or writers, publishing and exhibiting nationally and internationally.


Undergraduate Courses

BA (Hons) Fine ArtBA (Hons) Fine Art


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Victoria Gray

BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2007

"The studios are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week which is extremely important to me as art is a subject that canít always be refined into a structured timetable."

"I love the studio culture within the art department. Working closely with the other students every day allows you to form relationships and make new friends easily on your course."

"I love the family atmosphere of the college system on campus which groups everyone into a certain sector within the university and gives you a sense of home."

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Chloe McClellan

BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2007

"When I first visited Lancaster I was attracted to the idea that the art studio was available twenty four hours a day and like the flexibility of being able to work at any time."

"The course offered at Lancaster means that you gain a historical knowledge of modern art and the ability to look at contemporary work in an explorative and critical way, thus informing your own individual practice."

"The art tutors here are really dedicated to pushing you to be fully engaged in your practice and really consider you as a future artist as opposed to just a student who needs to pass their degree."

"The studio centred teaching means that both you and your tutors are active and physically involved with your work. The studio culture has given me a new found critical awareness and understanding, where I can question and develop my existing practice."

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Ellie Barrett

BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2007

"I found the city of Lancaster welcoming. It isnít too big and busy to be intimidating, but it is not so small thatís its claustrophobic. Itís buzzing but cosy!"

"The art facilities make it really easy to get immersed and energised in your studio practice. 24 hour access means that you can get things done whenever you feel like."

"There are so many places to meet people that itís easy to make friends. The range of pubs and clubs allow you to have different experiences every time you go out."

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Emma Turner

BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2007

"I came to Lancaster as I was inspired by the art works around the studio when I visited. When I was interviewed, the tutors were interested in my ideas which was really encouraging."

"The studio environment is the best you could find anywhere. The people in the studio make working fun but also we motivate each other."

"I have made several of the best friends in my time here. One minute youíre meeting someone for the first time, the next time you feel like you have known them for years."

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Sian Phillips

BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2008

"My final project consisted of 200 cocoon-like forms made from sugar and latex. Through embracing organic processes and using simple materials with tactile temptations, my practice re-evaluates and re-validates beauty through imperfection and impermanence. "

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Stephanie Bell

BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2010

"I was initially attracted to the university for its position in the league tables and its reputation as an established university and the high standard of research facilities available."

"It has been a challenging experience but one which I've learnt a lot from. Learning how to be self-motivated and driven has been the hardest but most valuable lesson. Independence and being self-reliant are key to survival at university."

"You have to be independent and dedicated to your practice as the course emphasises independent learning and being the 'informed practitioner' so much. The hours of contact time can vary but the tutors encourage students to email them at any time and see them in their office hour."

"After Lancaster I intend to study at Masters level and either go into something media or arts based. I intend to still display my work and continue my own business on the side."

"My experience at Lancaster has involved meeting a vast array of people from all walks of life who change your perceptions for the better, studying by the duck pond in the summer and having BBQ's and parties in the evening and not forgetting working in my nice warm studio whilst the rain poured outside!"

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My final project consisted of 200 cocoon-like forms made from sugar and latex. Through embracing organic processes and using simple materials with tactile temptations, my practice re-evaluates and re-validates beauty through imperfection and impermanence. Quote mark
Sian Phillips,
BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2008
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