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Designers play a central role in shaping the world around us. People, products, and places are all touched by design. Design at Lancaster is an innovative and ambitious undertaking building upon existing strengths of the university. This new initiative addresses the questions wholly appropriate to our lives in the 21st century. Rapid changes in technology, and an awareness of the societal changes we are witnessing presents new challenges to designers – challenges that Lancaster are expertly placed to address.

The ability to identify and evaluate creative insights into, for, and through design is core to our approach. Our courses have been constructed to specifically produce graduates who will be at the cutting edge of design thinking.

Our activities are closely linked to ImaginationLancaster, a creative research centre that enables people and organisations to engage with academia in dynamic and creative ways, giving time and space to research and imagine futures.

The ImaginationLancaster team use an open and exploratory approach to investigate emerging issues, technologies and practices to advance knowledge and develop solutions that contribute to the common good.


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Lorenz Herfurth

MA Design Management, 2008

"The student/staff ratio is far above average and contributes to the very intensive and effective learning environment."

"The professional background of the lecturers makes a course that is inspired by a high amount of visiting lecturers, most of them come from leading UK design and management consultancies."

"Before I came to Lancaster, I did not have a lot of knowledge about design management outside of the industrial design context. The first term opened my eyes. The power of design within the context of an organisation was unknown to me."

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Hyun Joo Lee

PhD: Design, 2008

"When I talked to staff I was impressed by their interdisciplinary approach to research. My decision to come to Lancaster was made!"

"Lancaster is about the ability and willingness to work across academic disciplines, a friendly atmosphere, and interconnection between critical and creative practices."

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Disaya Chudasri

PhD: Design, 2011

"The supervisors in ImaginationLancaster deliver high quality of supervision that helps me to go beyond my typical ways of thinking and doing. Librarians, college staff, porters are very friendly and helpful."

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Kai Lin See

MA Design Management, 2011

"The LICA experience expands my knowledge perspective on various design related topics. Coming abroad for my masters studies had significant changes on how I manage life. I would say, it was definitely worth the price paid."

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Hazal Gümüs

PhD: Design, 2010

"I very much appreciate and am fascinated by the infinite support and care that all the staff at Lancaster University provides."

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Egbal Aslami

MSc International Innovation (Design), 2014

"Completing the MSc International Innovation course and going to China will make me a unique person and mean I stand out from the crowd."

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I very much appreciate and am fascinated by the infinite support and care that all the staff at Lancaster University provides.Quote mark
Hazal Gümüs,
PhD: Design, 2010
  • Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA)
  • The LICA Building, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YW, UK