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Film is a rich and fascinating area of academic study. Alongside theoretical, cultural and historical approaches to film, film studies provides a framework for analysing individual films and understanding the techniques of film production in the context of marketing, distribution, exhibition, and consumption. Film staff are internationally recognised researchers.

BA (Hons) Film is a stimulating and intellectually engaging degree based in the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts. This innovative academic degree recognises cinema's role as a major cultural form and investigates film through a variety of critical, theoretical and historical approaches. The course examines cinema's aesthetic importance in the context of an increasingly visual and media orientated culture, while also investigating the intersections between contemporary art, theatre, music and film. At Lancaster, Film is not intended as a vocational course aimed at training media practitioners, however, all film students have the opportunity to make their own digital film. We have excellent technical resources, including state of the art digital editing equipment housed in Lancaster University Television Unit.


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Bruce Bennett

Lecturer: Film Studies

"You have the opportunity to study a diverse international variety of films ranging from silent melodramas through to contemporary Hollywood effects movies, and from mainstream cinema to the experimental margins of avant-garde art."

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Elizabeth Nichols

PhD: Film, 2012

"The opportunity to do film related modules as well as the option to broaden out and learn from other departments has been one of my favourite aspects of studying at Lancaster."

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Josh Pearce

MA Film by Research, 2012

"The department has a diverse range of professional artists, lecturers and general staff whom are more than willing to inspire or assist in your studies."

"Whether your work is practical or theoretical based, LICA have a wide variety of studios and study based facilities to ensure you can reach your highest potential."

"The interconnectivity between different artistic mediums is what influenced me the most in choosing Lancaster for my postgraduate studies."

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Matthew Denton

BA (Hons) Film and Cultural Studies, 2011

"This course is for open-minded students who have an interest in the aesthetic, practical, economic, sociological, political and historical approaches to film."

"The course has opened my mind to how fine art, music and theatre influences film and I have learned so much."

"I have been able to organise my programme so I can study modules which are applicable to all arts students."

"The emphasis on academic work, such as reading and writing, group work and presentations, have improved my written and verbal communication, and I have realised how little I knew about the subject before arriving."

"I recommend the silent cinema module, especially, as it is thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating and taught with enthusiasm!"

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Rona Murray

PhD: Film, 2011

"I studied elsewhere for my M.A. but I chose Lancaster University for my PhD because the tutors immediately engaged with my project and were able to bring to it the intellectual rigour and professional support I needed for it to develop."

"Lancaster University has provided me, as a mature student, with flexible but intellectually rigorous supervision as well as a stimulating wider research culture."

"As a part-time PhD student, Lancaster University has provided me with the high quality of supervision I hoped for and many opportunities to take part in its research culture."

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Richard Rushton

Lecturer: Film Studies

"At Lancaster you will study with researchers who are at the forefront of contemporary debates in Film Studies."

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Jonathan Munby

Lecturer: Film Studies

"The best of American cinema and culture can be studied alongside alternative cinema from the four corners of the globe."

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The course has opened my mind to how fine art, music and theatre influences film and I have learned so much.Quote mark
Matthew Denton,
BA (Hons) Film and Cultural Studies, 2011
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