Theatre at Lancaster

Theatre at Lancaster is acknowledged as a UK leader in the study of innovative contemporary performance and its role in culture. As a constituent part of Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA), Theatre ensures the practice of theatre and performance is central to what we do. Our approach is characterised by both the interrogation of the relationship between theory and practice, and the investigation of drama, theatre and performance of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Contemporary Practice

An engagement with contemporary culture through drama, theatre and performance is supported by a stimulating integration of practical and theoretical work. Our concerns are much wider than dramatic literature, we are committed to the investigation of performance, which not only includes drama and theatre but also exceeds both. With access to one of the best studio spaces of its kind in Europe, the Nuffield Theatre, students experience professional practice firsthand.

Study Opportunities

Theatre offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees in a friendly and lively atmosphere that fosters independent thought and creativity. Strong links with the creative industries at local, national and international levels support a lively community where 'real-world' perspectives are of prime importance.


Undergraduate Courses

BA (Hons) TheatreBA (Hons) Theatre


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Lizzie Rowland

BA (Hons) Theatre, 2006

"I came to Lancaster as the Theatre department has a strong reputation, fantastic facilities, and great staff. Everyone seems friendly and cooperative and wanted that environment to study within."

"Being able to use the Nuffield Theatre is a great opportunity. The range of performances and the ability to perform ourselves in this space is a huge bonus."

"The college system makes Lancaster. Being part of a college has really affected my social experience, bringing me into contact with students from a variety of different courses."

"The lecturers and practitioners around the Nuffield Theatre allow us to as students to really question our own styles of performance. They are all helpful and friendly too, something you donít find at most universities!!"

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Anna Scragg

BA (Hons) Theatre, 2006

"Theatre Studies is a very close and friendly department. We can study a wide range of subjects from directing, through experimental theatre and theatre administration, to TV drama which is fantastic for achieving a broad understanding of theatre as a whole."

"I like having access to professional performances every week at a reduced price in the Nuffield Theatre and being able to see lots of contemporary theatre is exciting."

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Amanda Burton

BA (Hons) Theatre, 2006

"I am in my final year and the course is hard work but Iím still enjoying it. I think that the balance between theory and practical work is really good."

"I enjoy that there is a performance in the first seven weeks of the first term which means that everyone on the course gets to know each other quite well."

"I really like that the city centre is quite small and you are always guaranteed to bump into people you know. Having said that, there are plenty of great places to go for a night out."

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Katie Riley

MA Professional Contemporary Arts Practice, 2008

"The opportunity through LICA to achieve collaboration with fine art, theatre, music, creative and cultural industries, and so on is a real reward."

"ProCAP is an academic frame in which visual artists, theatre practitioners and creative producers learn and practice the ethics of cultural entrepreneurship, policy and practice."

"Upon graduation I intend to initiate and interdisciplinary artist network and development agency as I feel there is a vibrant cohort of artists, organisations and venues which can be connected in an appropriate and innovative formats."

Student Profile

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The college system makes Lancaster. Being part of a college has really affected my social experience, bringing me into contact with students from a variety of different courses.Quote mark
Lizzie Rowland,
BA (Hons) Theatre, 2006
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