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Transfer of Materials from LUVLE

What does this mean for Teaching Staff?

Course materials will be transferred from LUVLE to Moodle by ELearning Assistants. If you have not requested a consultation, an example of how your Moodle might look can be seen at https://mle.lancs.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=278  

In this example, Moodle has been organised by material type. The materials will be transferred in this manner because it mimics the way LUVLE handled content and so is the easiest and most efficient way for a non-specialist to do the job on your behalf.  The VLE will function adequately as a course repository.

However, Moodle can be used to handle content in a far more interesting way.  See this example where materials have been organised by session, resulting in a more appealing learning resource for your students: https://mle.lancs.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=271

It is really important that you start to learn how Moodle works as soon as possible.   When you are informed that your Moodle has been set up and materials transferred, please login at the earliest opportunity and take a look.

If you find that materials have been organised in a way that doesn’t suit your needs and you would like to reorganise them along the lines of the 2nd example above, ELearning Assistants are available between now and the end of August to help you customise Moodle and  respond to your specific requests.  It is very unlikely that there will be sufficient staff available if you leave it until September.

Also, if you have been using LUVLE for complex teaching or collaborative learning, please start using Moodle as soon as possible to make sure that you can replicate expected functionality.  

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