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Welcome to Law and Systems Theory Network (LaSTNet) Homepage

This website aims to bring together those with an interest in systems thinking in law and legal practice. This interest may be in either the promotion or undermining of the utility of systems theories. Those wishing to join the network may have interests in complex systems theory, autopoiesis, chaos theory, general systems theory, catastrophe theory, or soft-systems methodologies. However, it is important to stress this is not an exhaustive list - the network aspires to be inclusive rather than exclusive!

The long-term goal of the network is to establish durable connections between scholars, practitioners and other interested parties with a view to generating future research relationships, conference papers and publications. To that end, members of the network may promote their own work, relevant conferences, scholarships and funded projects, and - where appropriate - the work of others, on this site. New information on this site will also be disseminated regularly via e-mail to all those who join the mailing list.

Requests regarding subscriptions to the mailing list, the addition or removal of material from the website, and all other queries should be sent to Tom Webb at

You can also contact LaSTNet via our profile.




The website remains under construction in places, however much of it has been populated. It is possible to sign up to the mailing list via the above email address.

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