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Philosophy Current Students and Past PhD Theses

Current PhD Students

Divers, Andy - "Best Screened and Not Heard: The Ethical and Social Implications of Research into Genes and Crime for Young People in the U.K.."

  • Allison-Bolger,Victoria - 'Why are some delusions incorrigible?'
  • Hitchen, Sarah
  • Fellowes, Matthew Sam- Explanatory significance in psychiatry - a defence of psychiatric classification.
  • Kay, Fiona - Political Equality: A Defence.
  • Ghanem, Hiba - Interpretation-Translation: Aristotle's 'Justice' between Farabi and Derrida
  • Nolan, Carmel
  • Reader, Simon - In the gift of parents? Choice and beneficence in selective reproduction.
  • Short, Hilary
  • Wolstenholme, Tom - 'Kierkegaard's Existential Politic'

Recent PhD Thesis Topics

  • Animal rehabilitation - a new science?
  • Consent in Medical Ethics
  • Technology as World Building
  • Modernity and Self-Identity
  • Utopia
  • Marcuse, Technology and Philosophy
  • Teleological Explanation in Science
  • The Environment, Public Goods and Well-Being
  • The Free Subject in Contemporary French Philosophy
  • The Compatibility Between Kantian Ethics and Evolutionary Ethics


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