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Philosophy Current Students and Past PhD Theses

Current PhD Students

Hane Maung, Are Diagnoses in Psychiatry Explanations of Their Symptoms?

Nicola McMillan, Deliberative Democracy and Difference

Sam Fellowes, Philosophy of psychiatry, Explanatory significance of psychiatric classifications

Recent PhD Thesis Topics

  • "Best Screened and Not Heard: The Ethical and Social Implications of Research into Genes and Crime for Young People in the U.K.."
  • 'Why are some delusions incorrigible?'
  • Explanatory significance in psychiatry - a defence of psychiatric classification.
  • Political Equality: A Defence.
  • Interpretation-Translation: Aristotle's 'Justice' between Farabi and Derrida
  • In the gift of parents? Choice and beneficence in selective reproduction.
  • 'Kierkegaard's Existential Politic'
  • Animal rehabilitation - a new science?
  • Consent in Medical Ethics
  • Technology as World Building
  • Modernity and Self-Identity
  • Utopia
  • Marcuse, Technology and Philosophy
  • Teleological Explanation in Science
  • The Environment, Public Goods and Well-Being
  • The Free Subject in Contemporary French Philosophy
  • The Compatibility Between Kantian Ethics and Evolutionary Ethics


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