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Politics and International Relations - Current Politics PhD Students

Lucia Ardovini, The Failure of Political Islam? The Muslim Brotherhood Experience in Power
Wasiu Abiodun Balogun, Oil Theft, Illegal Fuel Trade and Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea: Implications for Nigeria
Ellie Brooks, The evolution of European Union health policy: public health, internal market and economic governance
Wai Shun (Wilson) Chan, The Revival of Portal Diplomacy - The Role of Sub-sovereign Actors in Contemporary Sino-European Relations
Martha A Ebbesen, From Empire to League of Nations
Matthew Farmer, UK Organisations, Solidarity, and LGBT Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa
Oliver Fitton, Information Warfare in the Age of Cyber Adversaries
Christopher Flood, International Relations
Saloni Kapur, An English School Analysis of Terrorist Rehabilitation Programmes as a Counter-Terrorism Strategy: A Pakistani Case Study
Hailey Prudue, Open Crisis, Hidden Opportunity: Europeanization, the Euro Crisis and the Case of Social Policy
Andrew Taylor, Maritime Strategy in the Era of Control and Denial of Visibility
Liang Xu, Social Trust and Cultural Diplomacy in China


Past Theses

The Department is very proud of its past postgraduate students, some going on to academic posts and others into professional and govermental positions. Below is a list of some of the completed PhD titles:

  • Can China’s model for development facilitate economic growth in Africa? 
  • The Experience of Malaysian e-government: Issues and Challenges 
  • Nationalism after War: the Bosnian Experience
  • "Subjectivity, finitude, political economy"
  • The 'Forgotton' Children of Sierra Leone. A Narrative Perspective of Memory and Trauma.
  • 'The Use of Peace NGOs as a Nontraditional Counterterrorist Tactic: A Case Study of the Basque Region of Spain'
  • The Socio-Political Implications of the Dakwah phenomenon in Malaysia: Questions of Malay unity and national security
  • The Implementation of United Nations Imposed Restrictions on Iraq's Nuclear Capabilities.
  • Securing the Future: Real Threats or Surreal Illusions
  • Fretlin and the struggle for independence in East Timor 1974-2002
  • The Foreign Relations of the CPC/PRC in Chinese Cultural and Historical Perspective
  • Theories of Military Change and the case of Taiwan's Military Doctrinal Innovation
  • The Evolution of Russian Nuclear Doctrine and Operations. Problems and Perspectives.
  • Forests, Communities & Resources in Post Conflict Mozambique
  • Drugs and the State. A contemporary European perspective
  • Medium Maritime Strategy and the Aircraft Carrier in the Royal Navy 1945-2015
  • Providing emergency humanitarian assistance in war: an evaluation of the relationship between and operations of the United Nations' High Commisioner for REfugees (UNHCR), the humanitraian NGO community and the United Nations' Protection FOrce (UNPROFOR)..
  • The Responses of the United Nations to the Cambodian Problems from 1975 to 1993: A Case Study in Crisis Management through the United Nations Organisation
  • Sonic Interventions
  • Leadership Commitment to Inclusive Dialogue
  • Managing Ethnic Differences in the Post-Soviet States: Politic Accomodation of the Russophone Minorities in Estonia and Ukraine
  • US Foreign Policy Toward Sino-US Rapproachment in the Early 1970s: A Study of Secrecy in Bureaucratic Politics
  • A feminist Theory of Non-Violence and Social Change
  • "Politics, Legitimacy & the Fijian Military:
    'Between and Rock and a Hard Place'"
  • The security problematique of small states in the developing world: The case of Bahrain in the Gulf
  • The Strategic Utility of the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) as a British Government Foreign and Defence Policy Option 1950 - 2000
  • Political Marketing Communications in Canadian Parliamentary Elections at the turn of the Millennium
  • The Defence Policy of a Small Country in the Post Second World War Period
  • British Army Officership: Paradigm Evolution 1960-2001
  • Guerrilla Insurgency and Conflict Resolution in Africa: A case study of Uganda.
  • North Korea's insecurity and its struggle for survival in the post-Cold War period: The role of South Korea and the neighbouring countries
  • Wars Without Ends: A Theorisation of Relations Between Power, Modernity and Strategy
  • Accountability and Administration: A Comparative Study of Murtala-Obasanjo and Shagari Regimes in Nigeria
  • Binding the Sister of War: The Relevance and Use of Carl Von Clausewitz's Theory of Friction in an Age of Digital War
  • Identity, Foreign Policy and European Integration, A Contribution to the Study of International Relations with Special Reference to the Case of Greece
  • The Politics of Apolitical Culture: The United States, Western Europe, and the Post-War 'Culture of Hegemony'
  • The fate of 'friendship' in Political Modernity: Being-with-others in the thought of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche
  • Mobilising International Norms: Issue-Actors, Roma and the State
  • From Vew World Order to Superpower Accomodations: Political Realism and Russian-European Security: Security Risks, Objectives and Strategy
  • Securitization and Desecuritization Dynamics in South-Eastern Europe (1992-1997)
  • Sinn Fein Politics and Republican Ideology: A Study of Republican Discourse and Political Transition 1969 - 2002
  • "The Singularity of Witness: Memory, Poetry and the Refugee."
  • Feminist IR and Gendered Constructions of Women Militants in Sri Lanka and Kashmir
  • Conflict Projection Systems

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