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Religious Studies Current Students and Past PhD Theses

Current PhD Students

Oliver Thorne, Sexuate difference and Buddhist emptiness: a philosophical comparison of the thought of Luce Irigaray and Nishitani Keiji


Past Theses

Religious Studies is very proud of its past postgraduate students, some going on to academic posts and others into professional positions. Below is a list of some of the completed PhD titles since 2000:

  • Spiritual Charisma: Embodiment and Facilitation in Spiritual Practices of Meditation 
  • The Place of Inter-Religious Dialogue in Conservative Post-modern Theology: Necessity, Model and Practice.
  • Jang Ilsun's Ecospirituality: Ecological awareness and religious imaginations in Korea
  • An ethnographic and textual study of Gujarati Muslim Women in Leicester and their readings of Bihishti Zewar (1905), a theological Islamic text
  • Not believing but vicariously belonging: an ethnographic study into the phenomenon of infant baptism in a Lancashire market town.
  • Study the relationship between the sacred space and commercial activities at Chester Cathedral, by investigating the 'Spiritual Brand.'
  • Bahais and Mormons in the Global Field, 1960-2012
  • 'Mindfulness-Based Emotional Development: A Therapeutic Process'
  • 'An Examination of Roland Allen's Missionary Ecclesiology'
  • Apocalyptic discourse in comic books
  • Women's Development and Christianity
  • Exploring interfaith hybrid coupledom
  • Islamic Medicine
  • An investigation of the Nature of Community in and amongst Wicca Covens in NW England
  • Hebrew Christian Communities in Britain: A Sociological Study
  • Iconography of Siddhas and South Indian Temples
  • Religion and Environmental Values in India
  • Images of Islam in Samuel M. Zwemer's The Moslem World Quarterly 1911-1947
  • Partial Visions: Knowing Through Doing Rights, Cultures and Religions from an Asian-Malaysian Feminist Standpoint Epistemology
  • The Jewish concept of Chosenness in tradition and transformation
  • Reassessing Nature Mysticism
  • Focus and Perspective on the Beacon Controversy: Some Quaker reponses to the Evangelical Revival in early nineteenth-century England
  • Jewish Interpretation of the Akedah with special reference to Human Suffering
  • Our Only Uniform is the Spirit: Embodiment, Tradition and Spirituality in British Taijiquan
  • National Identity and the Politics of Religion and Education in Germany
  • Sacred Hearts: Feminist Interrogated by the Voices of Working-Class Women
  • Merit-making in Taiwan Buddhism: A Case Study of the Interaction between Doctrine and Practice
  • Hidden Buddists: How and Why Three Shinshu Confraternities in Japan have been secretive.
  • Searching for self: A study of Rev. Yi. Yongdo's Christian spirituality as a Korean-Christian self-identity
  • David Vassal of the Lord. A Literary-Critical Study of Vassalage in 1-2 Samuel with specific reference to the Achish Narrative at 1 Samuel 27-29
  • Aspects of Kabod in the Masoretic text with special reference to the Book of Isiah and in the Wisdom of Ben Sira
  • The Best of All Possible Worlds: An Exposition and Critical Examination of Leibnizian Optimism
  • Believing in Belonging in Contemporary Britain: A Case Study from Yorkshire
  • The Magician's Rhetoric: or how India became a magical land
  • Invisable Arabs or "English Muslims"? An Inquiry into the Construction of Religious, Cultural and National Identities of the Yemeni Community of Eccles
  • A Creative Encounter: St John of the Cross and Chinul on Spiritual Discipline
  • McIntryre, Relativism and Religion: An Islamic Analysis
  • Popular Buddhist Ritual in Hong Kong: Shuilu Fahui, a Buddhist Rite for Saving all Sentient Beings of Water and Land
  • John Keble: Religion and Poetry
  • The Realisation of Divine Love: Overcoming Evil in the Thought of Wolfhart Pannenberg
  • Ascetic Activism: Exploring Gandhi's Synthesis Through Brahmacarya
  • Stories of Conversion and Commitment in Japanese New Religious Movements: The Cases of Toho no Hikari, World Mate and Kofuku no Kagaku
  • Feminism and Religion: A Study of Christian Feminists and Goddess Feminists in the UK
  • Education for the Kingdom: An Exploration of the Religious Foundation of Charlotte Mason's Educational Philosophy
  • Missionary Strategies and Establishment of Soka Gakkai in Brazil
  • Moral Perception and Meditation: A Secular Study of Spiritual Exercises and the Cultivation of Compassion
  • Postulation: Arthapatti in Indian Epistemology
  • The Cultural Revolution and the Post-Missionary Transformation of Protestantism in China
  • Experience of Women Priests in the Church of England.
  • Practical Cultivation: The Significance of Aikido in the Daily Lives of Northwest Aikidoka
  • On Truth/Justice: Post-Secular Theology, Emerging Christianity and Narrative Pluralism in the West


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