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Teaching methods

In Part I teaching is by lectures (2 one hour lectures per week) plus a 1 hour seminar per week focused on specific readings or tasks related to the lecture topics of that week.

At Part II, most philosophy modules involve a one and a half hour lecture and a one hour seminar of up to 15 students per week. The seminars are discussion based and generally focused on examining the lecture material and a specific text in detail. Most lecturers put their lectures and/or material relevant to their lectures on the MOODLE module web pages.

Special subjects involve a weekly two hour seminar and no lecture. Dissertations involve students in independent research with regular supervision meetings.


Assessment in Part I is by four coursework assignments 1 in Michaelmas term and 2 in Lent and 1 in the Summer term. (45% of overall mark)

An exam on the whole course, in the Summer term. (45%)

A mark for participation in seminars. (10%)

Assessment in Part II is generally by coursework consisting of two essays of 2,500 words each - one per term - and a three-hour exam in the summer term. For 30 credit modules and one essay essay of 3000 words and a two-hour exam in the summer term for 15 credit modules. Coursework is worth 40% of the overall mark, the exam is worth 60%.


Professor Alison Stone:
What I teach

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