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BA Peace Studies and International Relations Part II Modules

Please note that the availability of modules varies from year to year. For currently available modules, please check the 2014-2015 Part II handbook.

2nd year core options

Second year modules are 15 credit modules (1 term) and 30 credit modules ( 2 terms). All students must take PPR225 (Introduction to Peace Studies). The remaining options must be chosen from below.

  • PPR.221: International Relations and Security
  • PPR.222: Politics of Development
  • PPR.223: The United Kingdom: State, Politics and Policy
  • PPR.224: Politics of the European Union
  • PPR.225: Introduction to Peace Studies
  • PPR.226: Comparative Politics of the Asia Pacific and the Middle East
  • PPR.227: Foreign Policy of Contending Powers
  • PPR.239: Indian Politics, Society and Religion

3rd year core options

All modules are 15 credits and run in either Michaelmas or Lent (except the dissertation units which are 30 credits). There is the option (but not requirement) to take a dissertation unit. Students must take at least four options from the core list below. A dissertation unit may be taken and will count as two of the six options (30 credits). The balance must be made of options below.

  • PPR.323: Ruling the World: Global Governance and Legal Structures
  • PPR.324: Politics of Global Danger
  • PPR.325: International Political Economy of Globalization
  • PPR.326: Globalization and Transnational Politics
  • PPR.328: Understanding External Intervention in Violent Conflicts
  • PPR.330: Britain in the World
  • PPR.331: The European Union and the World
  • PPR.332: United States Foreign Policy Since 1945
  • PPR.333: Contemporary Issues in the Middle East
  • PPR.336: Africa and Global Politics
  • PPR.337: Society and Politics of Latin America
  • PPR.340: Islamic Politics
  • PPR.341: Contemporary Issues in Human Rights
  • PPR.342: Global Political Economy and the World Today
  • PPR.343: Corporations, Global Political Economy and the Law
  • PPR.344: Politics of Cultural Diversity
  • PPR.345: Exploring the Persian Gulf
  • PPR.359: Religion in Contemporary Indian Life
  • PPR.360: Modern Christian Thought
  • PPR.362: Religion and Violence
  • PPR.390: PPR in Education
  • PPR.391b: China in the Modern World
  • PPR.392: Special Subject (Lent)
  • PPR.393: Dissertation with Field Studies
  • PPR.394: Dissertation with External Collaboration
  • PPR.399: Dissertation

For more details of specific course requirements please see the 2014-2015 Part II handbook.


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