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Politics and International Relations What our Students Say

Ryan Sinclair

History and International Relations

RyanAs a joint honours student of History, Politics and International Relations I work in many parts of the university. Lancaster for me has provided a great learning space, with a well-stocked library for when it's time to write essays. Lancaster Universities system of taking a minor subject in the first year is unique and very useful, letting me explore an even wider field of interest. The Politics department is very helpful with all my needs, furthermore when it comes to choosing subject areas for the second and third year the department explains what these consist of very well and efficiently. Seminars consist of very useful debates with other students and further provide essential contact time were you have the opportunity to query any areas you don't quite understand with other students and your peers. As well as this, you can see your tutor one to one, which is helpful when going over essay plans and ideas. my time so far at the university has been great, mainly down to the quality of tutors and atmosphere that the campus provides.

Gemma Swift

BA Politics and Religious Studies

GemmaLancaster's PPR department offers over the likes of Cambridge the opportunity for students to develop their own thinking with the wealth of knowledge of the Lecturers and tutors across three disciplines. As a Politics and RS student I was able to forge my own links and pursue my own interests. It also allows students be actively involved with the department  through the course reps and student societies.

Jonathan Martin

Politics with International Relations

JonathanWhen I first visited Lancaster I knew it was the university I wanted to go too. The campus is a pleasure to be on with a variety of interesting buildings set in beautiful Northern English surroundings. The number of bars and pubs in the city and on campus, as well as the numerous clubs and activities make being a student at Lancaster a joy. In the first year I studied Economics and Politics but found the Politics course more my style.  The courses available are engaging as well as thought provoking and there’s real choice of what modules to take. The department feels up to date and the staff are engaging and enthusiastic. Now in the second year taking the modules UK Politics, development, International Relations and Peace studies I’m so far finding them all fascinating. I’ve found that they have elements of many subjects like for example economics and psychology in opening them, which allows for great discussions. If you’re interested in the subjects available at Lancaster PPR department I’m confident you won’t be let down.

Monika Povilenaite

Politics and International Relations student currently studying abroad.

MonikaAs an international student I chose Lancaster for its global presence, academic record, and opportunities to grow as a person. Before coming to Lancaster, I knew that it provides opportunities for students to go on exchange for a year to America, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and many other countries. I was fascinated by the idea that during my undergraduate degree, I could get to live in another country, travel, see new places, and along with this get extremely distinguished education. And, actually, right now I am in USA on exchange! Studying abroad looks really good boost to one's CV and provides knowledge and experience that is closely connected to the PPR department. Also, during my first year I really liked the fact that along with my major I could pick other two modules of my interest. The flexibility and opportunities at Lancaster are enormous. The department of Politics, Philosophy & Religion is extremely well organized, professors are really distinguished, and career services can really help to tailor one's future path. I would really encourage prospective students to study at Lancaster because it is indeed the perfect place to grow academically, personally, and socially. 

Benjamin Smith

Former History & Politics Undergraduate who also did an MA in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

Benjamin Smith


With such an extensive and prosperous Higher Education sector in the UK, it is of paramount importance students select a university and a course that will best nurture their intellectual capacity and enhance employment prospects.
I chose Lancaster University knowing that it would best serve and test my academic interests; developing my wider knowledge and professional skills, as well as providing me with the strongest chance of securing employment after completing my studies.
I thoroughly enjoyed my three years at Lancaster; studying History and Politics at Undergraduate level. However it was the decision to stay for a fourth year and undertake the Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Masters programme that has had the most profound effect on my career to date.
The course not only presented opportunity to express my own research and writing capabilities, but also offered the practical application of skills appreciated in business. Throughout the programme I was able to build and demonstrate such skills; presenting to high-level audiences and networking with officials at a national and supra-national stage.

Since graduating in 2012, I have worked in Singapore for the region’s largest Public Relations company and then onto IBM’s Graduate Business Consultancy scheme. To date, my relationship with the Department now extends as the lead in the newly-formed association between IBM and the Department.
The strength of this relationship is testament to the Department’s commitment to expanding the employability opportunities it provides to its students, and IBM’s recruitment at Lancaster University and in the Higher Education sector.
We are working together to bring PPR students a variety of exciting and engaging employability and networking opportunities. Be sure to take full advantage by keeping in touch with your Department employment co-coordinator and the IBM Lancaster University Campus Team.


Eryl Owen:
Learning to think differently

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Munyaradzi Shonhiwa: 
Inspiring Lecturers 

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