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Tony McEnery is Professor of English Language and Linguistics, Lancaster University. He has published widely in the area of corpus linguistics though within the area his major interests are currently the contrastive study of aspect, epistemic modality and corpus aided discourse analysis. Tony's previous books include Corpus Linguistics (with A. Wilson) and Corpus Annotation (with R. Garside & G. Leech).

Richard Xiao is a lecturer in the Department of Linguistics and English Language at Lancaster University. He is the author of Aspect in Mandarin Chinese: A Corpus-based Study (John Benjamins 2004, with Tony McEnery), A Frequency Dictionary of Mandarin Chinese: Core vocabulary for learners (Routledge 2009, with Paul Rayson and Tony McEnery), Corpus-Based Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese (Routledge 2010, with Tony McEnery), Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies (Cambridge scholars 2010), Corpus-Based Studies of Translational Chinese in English-Chinese Translation (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press 2012). Richard has published corpus-based language studies in academic journals such as International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, Journal of Linguistics, Journal of English Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Literary and Linguistic Computing, Language and Literature, Languages in Contrast, English Studies and Journal of Universal Language.

Yukio Tono is a Professor of Applied Linguistics at Meikei University, Tokyo. He has previously lectured at Tokyo Gakugei University, Keio University and Seikei University in Japan. Yukio has published widely in the area of corpus-based approaches to second language acquisition studies.


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